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SOLVED: Bug Out on foot with family AND gear…



It all started with a problem….

What if I needed to leave on foot?  If my mode of transportation was stolen, broken, out of fuel, stuck in a ditch, fried by an EMP, or in endless bumper to bumper traffic…

How would I take my young children …some who are too little to walk…or too little to walk for long…AND my food, supplies, and gear away to a safe place?

PROBLEM: Be ready to leave on foot with my family AND my gear...
I needed a reliable, time proven method for transporting people, goods, and equipment.  I needed something that was light weight, that could potentially hold a LOT of weight.  I needed something that required no tools, was easy to maintain, and could hold up to the rigors of mother nature in various climates and terrain.
So I went to work.  After a year of design and engineering, burning through three different prototypes, and over 980 hours of 3D printing…something truly remarkable was born:  The Polymule Handcart
A modern handcart that takes less than five minutes to assemble, has a completely tool-less design, and can be disassembled and stowed inside itself. It is both durable and functional, with a high-impact body, solid frame, and integrated kickstand mechanism.
Features :
– Over 300 lbs Capacity and up to 15 Cubic Feet of Cargo
– High Impact and Tough Thermoplastic Body
– UV Stable / Cold Hardy
– 5 Minute Tool-less Assembly and Disassembly
– Completely Stowable (All components fit inside the handcart body)
– Integrated Kickstand
– Precision Sealed Bearings
– No Flat Tires
– Drain Plug
– ATV Attachment
– Optional All-Weather Canvas Cover
How to get one :
In order to help make the Polymule a reality, we have launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter.  On this page, interested parties can PRE-ORDER the handcart to help raise the capital needed to start production.

Cards are charged AFTER the campaign, and ONLY IF we reach our funding goal.  Therefore you could say, it’s “ALL OR NOTHING”.

You will notice our campaign has a limited time-frame to reach our funding goal, help us spread the word!

Design Considerations :
We are working hard to make the Polymule EVEN BETTER!
Ideas include:
– Shelter Kit
– Rear Handle
– Braking Kit
– Structural Foam Filled Body (increased rigidity, lower weight, adds flotation)
Have your own ideas?  Submit them HERE.
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