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S-curve extras

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The S-curve Challenge and related programs…

You follow them… You get results. The hall of fame has proven that again and again.

It’s mostly a case of

– Structured workouts
– Nutrition
– 121 coaching

It’s during those sessions where we tend to add things outside of the main program to help you along.


Whey, casein, iron plates, Xtend, resistance bands and ankle weights.

But there are other things… Some of which you’re doing on off days like hot yoga and mud runs.

Below is a list of things that you’ll find useful to add to your tailored regime.

I’ll of course direct you on how to put these to use on your plan.

Let’s go…

S-curve journey extra’s


– Those S-curve ‘green’ super foods ready made in one drink <


– Improve flexibility on your non-S-curve workout days <


– S-curvish supplement (For guys/hubby’s/boyfriends) <


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