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Preparation Planning: 3 Essentials To Your Family Emergency Plan


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You never know when an emergency situation may occur. According to FEMA, 80% of Americans live in a location that has been impacted by a disaster related to weather. However, you can do your best now to plan for as many types of disasters as possible. While there are several different components to an emergency plan, let’s take a look at a few universal items that everyone needs to be ready for the worst.


Make Sure That You Can Communicate

It is critical that you have the means to communicate with your family members in the event of a fire, flood or other emergency. Therefore, you should have a cell phone that is fully charged and has plenty of minutes on it. You may also want to have a set of walkie-talkies available in case the cell tower in your area is destroyed and calls cannot be made. Prepaid phone cards may also be ideal in the event that you have to make or receive calls from a public phone.


There Should Be A Designated Safe Zone

In the event of an emergency, there isn’t a lot of time to think about what it takes to get to safety. Therefore, you want to have a designated safe place where everyone can go to ride out the storm or until the fire can be put out. This could be a neighbor’s house, a relative’s house or a public place like a grocery store or bank that is easy to get to. As part of the plan, everyone should wait there until all family members are accounted for or until rescued by emergency personnel.


Make Use Of Your Medical Training

As part of an emergency plan, you should have some sort of first aid kit that can be used to heal cuts, scrapes or other minor wounds. However, it is also critical that you have the training necessary to treat injuries properly and safely. One way to improve your odds during an emergency situation is to receive basic first aid training. Training courses may be offered for free or at a discount, and they will also help you learn what to do in the event that trying to help on your own may actually make things worse. If you enjoy the healthcare world, you may also consider receiving additional medical training. Not only could it end up being a rewarding career, like a doctorate of nursing practice, but the additional lifelong skills you would gain would be invaluable.


There is nothing scarier than being put in a situation where you or your loved ones are in danger of being hurt or killed. However, with good preparation today, you may be able to take steps during a crisis to get yourself and your family out of harm’s way.

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