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Text: Nenad Vuckovic

Photo: Svetomir Hubenov

Knjazevac, a small town in eastern Serbia, and the southeastern part of the Timok region, was a gigantic host of the Pansport 25th Balkan Championships, held on October 22nd.

A record number of the best Balkan athletes (137), and participating countries (10), gathered in Knjazevac to fight for the medals in 24 categories.

In a crowded hall of the Culture Center of Knjazevac, and in a hot atmosphere, there was a fierce, but fair fight throughout the day. The delighted audience enjoyed in the chiseled musculatures and beautiful bodies, from eleven in the morning, till ten o’clock in the evening.

The first stepped on stage was Junior category up to 75 kg, and the domination of the Bulgarian athletes began with Antonio Georgiev, beating out second-placed, Milan Jovanovic from Serbia, and third-placed, Duta Marian Bogdan from Romania.

Marsel Vangjeli, from Albania was, convincing in placing front of the competitors from Serbia, the runner-up Nicholas Simšič, and third-placed Mark Sreckovic. The absolute winner in the Junior bodybuilding was Antonio Georgiev from Bulgaria.

Beautiful contestants from Bulgaria, Gabriela Nedelcheva and Samira Al Sarai advanced to the first and second place, in the Junior Bikini Fitness category up to 163 cm, in front of the Loris Morina, from Albania.

In the same discipline, at the height above 163 cm, convincing was Monika Naumova, from Bulgaria, leaving behind Buzuliuk Ecaterin, from Romania and her compatriot, Dorina Yordanova. Monika Naumova won the title of Overall winner in this category.

Bulgarian, Emilia Dimitrova triumphed in the Women’s Physique category, ahead of experienced Branislav Jovanovic, from Serbia and Romania’s, Florina-Lorebana Rusu.

A sharp struggle in the category Women’s Body-Fitness, was led between three contestants, Milena Ivanova, Ekatarina Verbani, both from Bulgaria, and Dina Perovic from Serbia. Victory went to extraordinary harmonious and well-ready Milena Ivanova.Verbani and Perovic had to satisfy with second and third place.

In Women’s Fitness, contestants from Serbia and Romania, Sandra Jorgic and Rasca Mihaela, were more successful than Bulgaria’s Milena Mireva. Another victory for Serbia was brought by Maja Pavlovic. She left behind two outstanding rivals, Ralica Panayotova, from Bulgaria and Diana Dzajic, from Serbia.

Fantastic champion of Bulgaria, Bilyana Yotovska, had serious competition in Suncica Savic from Serbia, who appeared in great shape, but in the end had to settle for second place. Great Bulgarian competitor, Stanislava Duncheva, had to settle for third place. Overall winner title was unanimously awarded to Bilyana Yotovska, from Bulgaria.

The competitor from Romania, Razvan Sindelaru, who had no rivals, took the gold medal in the Men’s Fitness, by showing excellent free program.

In the Junior Men’s Physique categories up to and over 178 cm, the most successful were the contestants from Serbia and Bulgaria, Marko Stojanovic and Nikolai Ivanov. Second and third place in the categories were won by Sebastian Brahimi, Albania, Vasil Petkov, Bulgaria, Sena Markel, Albania and Bordeianu Marius, Romania. The Overall winner was Nikolai Ivanov, from Bulgaria.

In the senior Men’s Physique categories performed very well prepared competitors. The best impression on the judges was left by Igor Jevtic, from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Srbislav Lazic, from Serbia. Second and third places, went to Darko Stojanovski, F.Y.R Macedonia, Nenad Marinkovic, Serbia, Martin Pashaliev, Bulgaria and Dzenan Kajtaz, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Overal winner title went in the hands of Srbislav Lazic from Serbia.

Deserved victory in the Master Men’s category took the Serb Boris Blanusa, leaving behind Nikolai Stoyanov, Bulgaria, and Toni Planinsek, Slovenia.

Contestants from Bulgaria, Albena Blagomilova and Duncheva Stanislava, outperformed experienced Sanju Radjevic Terzic from Serbia and Alina Stanciu from Romania, which had to settle with third or fourth place.

Discipline Men,s Classic Bodybuilding had three categories, up to 175 cm, up to 180 cm, and over 180 cm. Victorys in the categories was achieved by Konstantin Paskalev, Bulgaria, Aleksandar Trajkovski, F.Y.R Macedonia and Zoran Markovic, Serbia. Second and third places went to the bojidar Milev, Bulgaria, Nenad Kolev, Serbia, Galin Balkov, Bulgaria, Dalibor Dodić, Serbia, Iliyan Naidenov, Bulgaria and Slobodan Grujičić, Serbia. Overall victory undoubtedly went to Konstantin Paskalev, Bulgaria.

In Men’s Bodybuilding categories titles have gone into the hands of competitors from Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina In up to 70kg category, the most successful was Galin Dimitrov from Bulgaria. Mirnes Husanovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina took up to 80 kg category. Adnan Gosto, also from Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the safe winner in the up to 90 kg category. In the up to 100 kg category, where we have seen excellent competitors, Bulgaria’s Boyan Ivanov, was dominant and easily outmatched his rivals. Yulli Rusev was secure winner in the over 100 kg category.
Second place finishers in the Men’s bodybuilding categories were Danijel Djordjijevski, Serbia, Nenad Sikora, Croatia, Stefan Cristian, Romania, Valentin Ignatov, Bulgaria Krasimir Sarafov, Bulgaria. Third-places went to Vasut Sebastian, Romania, Dimo Benev, Bulgaria, Marko Vukotic, Montenegro, Milan Savic, Serbia and Maksin Trzin, Serbia.

The best bodybuilder and the Overall Winner was the Bulgarian Boyan Ivanov, who showed excellent proportions and a huge muscle mass. On the basis of what is thrilled audience could see, Boyan Ivanov is a serious candidate for high placement at the upcoming World Championship in Benidorm, Spain.

The greatest credit for the successful organization of the Balkan championship belongs to the Municipality of Knjazevac, led by the Mayor of Knjazevac Mr. Milan Djokic. Club “Apolon 1975”-Knjazevac, whose Director is Mr. Milan Vuckovic. Powerlifting Club Knjazevac, with Director Dalibor Ilijic, and the Balkan Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation experienced team.

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