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    Self defense skills don’t just come in handy during altercations in dark alleyways. Although it’s sensible and safe to be able to protect yourself, taking self defense classes has multitudes of other benefits. To simplify the information out there, we’ve collated the 10 most compelling reasons why you should start taking self defense classes.

    #1 Fitness

    It has been proven that people with better fitness not only perform better, but get better sleep and are in better moods. The special sort of physical conditioning that self defense classes give you will prepare you for the extreme adrenaline spike that can occur in stressful situations. This means you will be able to physically perform under pressure.


    #2 Confidence

    Although fitness is an important contributing factor to a happy and successful life, self confidence is also key. One of the biggest advantages of taking self defense classes is how it makes you feel afterwards. The feeling of being able to protect yourself, coupled with the rush of endorphins, leaves you feeling ultimately satisfied.

    #3 Self discipline

    In order to develop your self defense abilities, it is necessary to develop self discipline. Succeeding at anything requires motivation and commitment, and self defense is no different. Showing up to class, practicing your skills, and solidifying them in your mind for future use is all part of self defense.


    #4 Balance

    Self defense classes often require multiple skills to be used at once, which can increase both your mental and physical agility. Improving your balance ultimately means improving your focus. The classes teach you how to focus on your target while you control your body, and through gaining your body control and balance, you will be better prepared to protect yourself.


    #5 Street awareness

    One of the greatest benefits of self defense classes is the increased awareness you will gain of your surroundings. Self defense classes will help you to be aware and alert at all times, should this type of situation arise.


    #6 Spirit

    Self defense classes can prepare you for any situation, and instead of making you feel like a helpless victim, you can develop somewhat of a warrior spirit. The training can prepare you for battle and, most importantly, survival.


    #7 Self respect

    The practice of self defense is centred around respect. The various forms of self defense teach you respect for your other, and respect for yourself. Why not book in a krav maga class today, to up your self respect and increase your life satisfaction.


    #8 Goal setting

    Whether you want to nail a specific move, or just feel like you can protect yourself, self defense classes require you to set a goal. This sort of attitude can roll over into your everyday life, helping you get through any tough situation that comes your way.


    #9 Positivity

    One of the most important side effects of engaging in self defense is the positivity it brings into your life. Taking self defense classes can boost your spirits, whilst transforming you into a more confident version of yourself.


    #10 Reflexes

    Taking self defense classes means that you will hone your reflexes, being able to react quickly and effectively in high pressure or stressful situations. This ability to make decisions swiftly and efficiently transfers into all aspects of life.


    It is greatly satisfying to know you can be able to take care of yourself; whether that be physically, financially or emotionally. Self defense isn’t just for women and children, either. There is a plethora of self defense classes, such as karate, boxing and jiu jitsu, that will cater to your needs and desires. So, what are you waiting for?

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