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Lessons learned from Californial wild fires


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Lessons learned from California wild fires. Getting the message to evacuate.
Multiple fires started at night on October 8, 2017 and were driven by high winds. As of this writing 42 people are reported killed but many more are missing. The link below is informative on emergency alert/ evacuation notices and the realities for people on the ground. I believe there are several lessons to be learned from this tragedy:
• There are multiple alert warning systems. Be aware of them and register where needed to get the alerts.
• If fire fighters have to go door-to-door telling people to evacuate they are not fighting the fire.
• Reverse 911 systems can be the most effective alerts but you must be registered. www.safetyinformed.org can help
• If you have elderly or impaired relatives register to receive Reverse 911 alerts for their home address. When you receive the alert you can take action to ensure they evacuate.
• No alert system is perfect. Always be aware of your surroundings.
• Have a plan. Know what actions to take when your day comes in an emergency.

Good reading on the realities of an emergency evacuation: “How do you know when to evacuate from a wildfire? Not everyone gets the message in California alert system.” story on desertsun.com: http://desert.sn/2wMXdzu

Steven Dutro

After witnessing the impacts of hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms in the South for many years and then moving west to witness wildfires and river floods, Steven knew that far too often people suffered tragic avoidable loss. Your awareness, knowledge and preparation were the keys to better outcomes. He started SafetyInformed in 2013 to help as many people as possible register for Reverse 911 ENS alerts and to provide free safety and emergency preparation content. An approved nonprofit, SafetyInformed is supported by user donations.
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