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The recent 2018 European Championships has been a challenge, not only for the athletes, but as well for, judges, officials, media and organizers; as the result of the awesome participation of athletes from all the IFBB-affiliated National Federations from the Old Continent.

The European Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (EBFF) has enough experience in contest with over 1.000 participants and numbers with 4 figures were available, at the registration, in order to not repeat any identification number and make every one, irrepetible.

The example, on the picture: the beauty Polish competitor Oliwia Mojsiej got the highest number of the event -the 1158- as the last competitor registered in Bikini Fitness Super Tall Class (over 172 cm). She took the 9th place in a category with 19 athletes but, maybe more unforgettable for her it was to realize that she represented the unstoppable growing of our sports, in Europe.

Picture; Oliwia Mojsiej (Poland), the last competitor registered at the 2018 EBFF Championships.

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