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It’s over (So fudged up)

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Buzzers… Yesterday…

I was highlighting the fact that we may or may not get rid of this years fall season program.

But I’ve already decided…

We are getting rid of it!


Well… Because we actually created it back in January-ish, via the > queen program, that I never talk about and almost forgot about (Skip to the 4th minute on the video).

That’s the ‘best value’ long term option that you start, if you just want to officially start and just ‘work’ the S-curve formula until you’re happy.

I KNOW this works really well. As we did that with several members this year.

We didn’t care about the switching between the results and lifestyle phases. We just put the formula to work and enjoyed the S-curve experience along the way.

In fact… I think that is the best option to be on, when living the S-curve experience as we do it today.

– TC 2.0
– OOTD/OOTN moments
– Roof top bar, coffee shop moments

So ya… A little ‘peace of mind’ approach to kick start your 2018 goals (No resolutions allowed).

Let’s have a solid blueprint tips day, as it’s been a while.

#1 You may or may not read every newsletter.

It’s more important to open each one. But to just highlight the ones that are important to you. That’s why there are headlines for the topics discussed, throughout the newsletter. So that you can quickly scan them and decide in the moment.

#2 Range of motion time…
There are a lot of ‘nearly no.1’ things that take your physical and mental results to the next level within the S-curve formula.

And in terms of ‘physical’… The increased range of motion exercise variations tick that box.

Enter: The high side to side hyper extended leg lifts + Ankle weights (On a bench)

– Stand behind a semi-inclined bench (Like you’re about to spot someone on an incline bench press exercise).

– Lean forward and rest your upper body on the bench (You should be slightly hanging off the edge with your feet off the ground, with one foot on the ground if you push your body downwards).

– Hold the bench on both sides and start doing leg lifts reps (slowly).

– You should be able to ‘feel’ each rep. Just push your legs up as high as they can go.

= Increased range of motion without fail. Just like the hanging bicycles exercise.

#3 A tasty fruit from the day time fruit and nuts list (For snacks)

Enter: Rambutan

– Which is ideal for travelling with, as they’re dry and can’t be squashed.
– They’re fast digesting.

– They’re almost entirely carbs ONLY… And very low in carbs too. So you can munch away… All day.
Remember… You’ll use all of these blueprint tips. But only throughout your 6-12-18 month journey. Not all on day one.
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