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Goodbye weekend… Hello Monday?

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Because that’s how you should start to feel as an S-curve member @ looking forward to…

Buzzers… TGIF…

Everything we’ve created up until now, is a super great lifestyle to live. And it’s all based on YOU. Regardless of what you do for a living.

Recently… I’ve been highlighting the ‘paralysed butt’ issue. You know… The things that are holding you back @ getting you to do what you’re supposed to be doing. What you ‘want’ to be doing.

There’s two main scenarios that come up, in regards to that…

#1 You over complicate things (Which is why you might have failed @ results, to-date).

#2 Your life spirals out of control due to ‘busyness’, whilst constantly putting out fires.

Hopefully… More of you fit into the last scenario. And hopefully… Is the reason why most have ended up on this newsletter.

Because… We’ve spent a lot of time, creating fixes for the issue @ #1 & #2.

It all starts by striking up a convo via Messenger. Even if you hate FB. Just get it for Messenger.

It’s the weekend… Which means…

– TC2.0 trips
– TGIF cheat nights

So today… I’m going to put up a ‘starter list’ of global TC2.0 destinations that you could visit. At least one of them should be 2-4 hours from your home location.

> Based on where I’ve personally been
> Where S-curve members have been
> Where associates have been and regularly go

Let’s go…


– Humantay Lake (Salkantay, Peru)
– Lake Powell (Utah/Arizona)
– Nāpali Coast State Park (Kauai, Hawaii)
– North Lake (Tahoe city)
– Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Bikini-Curvish spots

– Wapa Di Ume (Bali, Indonesia)
– Tulia… Zanzibar (Tanzania)
– Rangalii Island (Maldives)
– Iridium Blue Hole  (Maldives)
– Azulik Tulum (Mexico)
– Coco Resorts (Maldives)
– Islands in the Philippines (This has to be a separate post on it’s own… In regards to TC2.0 spots)
– Swallows Cave (Tonga, Vavau, Pacific Islands)

I already know that’s going to inpire you to get your search on. You can scan the @fitbuzz Pinterest/Instagram (Which is where I got the list from). Or you can do a more useful search via the > Travel-Curvish search bar.

The goal

Is for all those involved in S-curve world… To share their first hand experiences. Because ‘trust’ is
the foundation of everything that has been built here from day #1.

So once again…

Here’s to anticipating another exciting year ahead (Wine glass emoji goes here).
And > More buzz to see ‘everything’.

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Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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