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Learn how to build, grow, and monetize Facebook Pages!

Goodbye to old ish

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Buzzers… Saturday…

As usual… I’m only just starting to recover. When going out in the city. After connecting/re-connecting with a mass set of people.

Fortunately… We live in a digital age. So it’s easier than ever before, to ‘stay’ connected with the people you meet.

Most of you wouldn’t even be reading today’s newsletter, if that wasn’t the case.

Which leads me into today’s topic…

Remember when we said we were going more LIVE in 2016?

Which happened with these pages…

– > This one
– > And this one
– And the LIVE update member page…

Well… That’s old now.

Now… It’s even more LIVE. 

– Facebook and Instagram stories.

– Post notifications… Which has also been added to stayfitbug.com.
– S-curve member stories (A continuous visual update of the improvements to that members lifestyle… Via the S-curve experience).
– The FB Messenger LIVE workout sessions (A feature that we announced 1-2 years ago, that we’ve been playing around with a lot more).

It’s all happening, every single day now.

Which is a testament.. To the evolution into an S-curve experience. All of which… Started as an S-curve program back in 2012.

So if you’re not already signed up on any of the above. Make sure you do so.

If you don’t like social media. Just stick to post notifications. Because then you only have to see what you subscribe to.

And in terms of FB stories. They’re alive for 24 hours. So make sure you catch ’em before they’re gone.

Trending in S-curve world today

Because of the recent vids and in-person training sessions that you’ve seen me talk about…

– > Ankle weights
– Those resistance bands again
– The Go pro again

– > Tulum shenanigans

Blueprint tip… (Based on the convos that I had after meeting up with folks on Thursday)

The cheat snack

If you were ever worried that you’d have to sacrifice parts of your current day lifestyle @ becoming a member.

Like… With food.

Then don’t be. Because the cheat snack saves the day, every single time.

It’s when you eat a small portion of your favorite C-F rated food (Or fruit, if you’re a fan of staying ‘clean’), right after eating your main A-C rated S-curve meals.

In short… It means that cheat foods will never affect you in a major way, ever again.

We’re LIVE now!

And that stuff below…


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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