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College Programs to Prepare You for the Apocalypse


There are many ways to prepare yourself for the pending apocalypse. For example, you may already have a stockpile of food and supplies stored safely in an underground bunker. You may not realize that your higher level of education may also help you to prepare for the apocalypse. These are some of the top programs you can study to obtain the education you need to survive.

Healthcare Programs

Health and safety are critical when surviving in a dangerous world filled with countless unknown dangers. Getting a healthcare degree or participating in healthcare education can serve you well, and there are many professionals to consider. For example, nurses, EMTs, physical therapists, doctors, and surgeons have expertise that will be extremely useful in an emergency scenario. With knowledge and training to treat poisoning, broken bones, radiation sickness, viruses, etc. you will be able to look after yourself and your family, as well as many others.

Engineering & Technology Programs

/Technology and engineering education will also be critical in an apocalyptic situation. People will be needed to retool generators, create/fix lighting systems, build outdoor shelters, set up communications systems, as well as create your own equipment from found parts. Engineers, architects, electricians, welders, and even computer programmers will have much to contribute in rebuilding after the apocalypse.

Natural Science Programs

If you plan to survive the apocalypse, having education in the natural sciences will help you master the natural environment. After all, you will eventually run out of food in your bunker, and you will need to be able to forage your own food and grow it outdoors when this happens. For starters, you need to know which plants are edible, which ones have medicinal properties, and which ones will poison you. You will also need to understand the animals around you—which ones will be easiest to hunt, where to find them, and what to do if you are threatened by a predator. Botanists, environmentalists, zoologists, geologists and those with hunting experience have the postapocalyptic advantage because they have a better understanding of natural resources.


If you’re concerned about your odds of survival after the apocalypse, or even in an emergency, having education in healthcare, technology, or the natural sciences will come in very useful. If you have the resources, take classes in all three areas to for a better rounded education — and better odds of survival if you find yourself on your own.


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