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Learn how to build, grow, and monetize Facebook Pages!

Category: Meeting Him

  • 5 Things He Wants In a Soulmate

  • How do I tell what he's thinking?

    I know this Brit guy from Tinder. We like each other so after a week or so we got together – as in couple. His job requires him to fly across countries. We can only see each other one week every month so most of the time we have to we communicate via Whatsapp. He rented an

  • Porn And Relationships

    When it comes to watching porn, we get images of dudes using it to rub one out when their partner is not around. However, that’s incredibly short sighted. In reality, porn plays a really large role in our sex life, for those in a relationship, and those not – and a lot of it is quite positive.

    1. Porn Can Enhance A Couple's Sex Life

    Porn, like many things in a relationship, is really how you let…

  • Being introvert is hampering my love life

    Hello all, I need your help with a crisis I’m going through. I am an extremely reserved person and tend to be myself most of the time. I like it this way. It’s always been like this since I was a kid. However, as an adult there are situations where I need to function dif

  • Ep 1: Dan Bolton on Relationships, Divorce, Rejection

    This past week my interview on the Ryan Answers podcast went live. Ryan Jakovljevic is a relationship counseller and coach, a dating coach, and also does personal coaching and counselling as well. Ryan helps individuals and couples solve their relationship problems worldwide via Skype and over the phone, and also sees clients in person where he lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If you’re interested in working with him you can learn more here.

  • Reluctance to Commit- What Does it Mean for You?

  • Willa Cather

    “The heart of another is a dark forest, always, no matter how close it has been to one’s own.”

  • The Key to Dating That Leads to a Great Relationship: Who is the Source of Your Happiness

                                                              Who’s steering this ship anyway?

  • A Good Way to Blow It with Someone You Really Like


    From: (—————————)
    To: (———————————)
    Date received: (———————)
    Subject: can you blame me for wanting you?

  • 3 Reasons Why Healthy Self-Esteem Is Vital For Great Dating And Building a Solid Relationship

    Have You Ever thought about feeling good about yourself just for the sake of feeling good? Without some sort of end goal like feeling good about yourself so you can find a relationship?

    In our culture we are taught that to be successful you have to be goal oriented. Further we are advised that we have to make our goals very specific. There is definitely merit in this, but often the big picture gets lost in this version of goal setting. Do we have to have a reason to feel good about ourselves? Or to simply feel good? 

    I say we don’t. Feeling good about yourself, in it’s own right, is reason enough. It gives that all important mantra “I am enough” the rubber it needs to meet the road and get you traction you’re seeking with your self-esteem. 

    Why is this important? 

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