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  • Tis a superior beach butt…

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    Buzzers… Sunday…

    My geekwend continues on. Which you may have noticed if you have me added on Facebook. And/Or… If you’re a person who scans the main feed.

    The weekend in S-curve world, usually means zero 121 coaching sessions (Kind of instigated by TC2.0 activity). And a lot ‘more’ of the other stuff that you can see on > More buzz @ managing it.

    It’s the final day of the week. Which means we’re going to RECAPO shortly.

    But before we do… If there’s ones hot bucket list trip that you NEED to take. It’s to the French Polynesia region. Or even > Bora Bora to be specific.

    It really is one of those special spots. Even out of the many wonderful spots that exist in the world.

    If you can’t get there any time soon though. Hit any of islands that sit in between Hawaii and the Phillippines

    (Yup… That huge stretch of ocean).

    It is the rainy season in that part my of the world right now though. And you really don’t want to get caught

    out in a storm or category 3-5 typhoon (It’s serious shizzle… I’ve sat through them. So don’t play about).

    So like I said the other day… Keep ya eyes peeled.

    Either way… Travelling to an island in that region is a must do. Bring ya > Gopros> drones and all of that

    good stuff. Make it a ‘Travel-curvish’ (1-2 week) trip.

    And make sure you are > 90-100% S-curvish before you go too. Which means spending some time on > Pay as you go.

    Let’s RECAPO


    – Effective S-curve bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere during your summer shenanigans and TC/TC2.0 trips.


    – What an S-curve workout + Day looks like, in S-curve world ‘today’.


    – Some of the ingredients that make up the S-curve formula.


    – Become a random S-curve member (Because you might surprise yourself).
    – Being careful on Travel-curvish + 2.0 trips.


    – This… Is how to build the perfect butt (And everything else) and keep your sanity whilst doing it.


    – The evolution of online communication… Within S-curve world too.

    Tomorrow and that stuff down below.


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  • Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B

  • About yesterday’s booty

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/about-yesterdays-booty/

    Buzzers… Tuesday…

    Every single day is an ‘event’ in S-curve world. Offline and online. It’s ‘happening’ 24/7… Around the clock.Yesterday was like any other Monday. But there was an interesting workout session to report on @ observing as the head FitBuzzer. So let’s talk about it.

    Note: All happening in > this gym that you’ve seen me in, many times before.

    The use of mobile devices in workouts

    It wasn’t too long ago, when people that I would meet daily… Would be totally confused to how we’re able to create fully fledged program’s. Without being face to face, or having not met S-curve members in person.

    These are of course non-internet people.

    That has almost all changed in the past year however. Because the internet finally became 90-100% embraced by the masses (In most ‘developed’ places).

    With some people realising how much opportunity they’ve been missing out on over the years.

    Either way… One of the ladies in the gym session had…

    – Her iPhone.
    – A video/audio source that she trusted, to deliver her workout + yoga shenanigans.
    – A peaceful room with all walls as mirrors.

    That’s all you need today. And it’s definitely the norm if you’re living within today’s S-curve experience.

    Face to face doesn’t need to be frequent at all. So… This is now the new normal.


    She was indeed S-curvish… To meet the goals that are set here in S-curve world @ epic butt/tiny waist + ‘soft lean’.

    Yet… She found an activity that she enjoys, outside of the normal workouts. So you must find yours. It can be anything. As long as you enjoy it. And as long as it doesn’t screw up your results.

    Which leads me to…

    HIIT cardio

    Ideally… That’s what the activity you choose, should be categorised as. Like…

    Boxing, badminton, Muay Thai, tennis, swimming, cycling, hiking… 

    Almost all three of the ladies I trained along side with yesterday, did some HIIT cardio activity as a part of their session. Followed by…

    – Yoga + Bodyweight movements

    – Bodyweight movements + Light weights

    – I left before seeing what the 3rd lady did next. But all three of them were S-curvish @ at least 80%.

    > This body type is the ultimate gift to yourself. So I’m always happy to help you get it. Because having it, just seems to fix everything else going on in your life.

    So if cardio is going to be in your life… Let it be HIIT focused.

    ‘Come up for air’ post workout moments

    From yesterday’s posts: We all must go on a TC2.0 trip and > do this… To ‘come up for air’ at some point.

    Continuing on…When I was recording the earlier workout vids for @fitbuzz… I used to do them in a park + ‘Come up for air’.

    Today… ‘Coming up for air’, happens on a roof top pool, close to sunset time. Or when the night lights come on (that city view never gets boring).

    Either way… Post workout is one of the best times to ‘come up for air’, outside of TC2.0 trips.

    It kills all stress levels that you might encounter on any given day. It’s those stress levels that make hissy fits happen. Which makes you fall off the wagon.

    I know this is a real thing. Because past members that fell off (Went incognito for no seemingly good reason at all) returned and admitted, that their brain was on overload… From being consumed with inner city life.

    So understand that > ‘coming up for air’ is a real thing. Which leads me to saying something that I haven’t said in a very long time. And that is…

    ”It’s more than just the butt”

    And it is. Just look through the > social media profiles.


    The only thing you need when on the move. Is…

    1) Access to YOUR S-curve meal structure via your LIVE update member page. Which you’ll have from your first ever > Pay as you go update.

    2) Any of the stuff on > S-curve journey extras @ optional.

    A lot of the 3+ year long term members, simply get yearly updates, after their initial long term fix. Which you can always do… Regardless of what the program part of the S-curve formula looks like or evolves into.

    Stages 1-4 will never change. Because it works. The only thing that will change… Is the way that it’s presented to the rest of the world.


    What does YOUR typical day look like?

    No one replies to emails anymore. So feel free to message and tell me.


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  • You don’t even care

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/you-dont-even-care/

    Buzzers… Sunday…

    That Results Phase bonus is over. But as of the past 2 years. Most of you don’t even care about bonuses and offers.

    You don’t care about ‘price’ much either.

    You just want to officially start as a member… Due to your positive experience on this newsletter or just from following, in general.

    We’re going to RECAPO in a sec.

    But let me show you how simple my own S-curve formula is. And to then… Look at my own physique on any of the FB profile pics.

    – A short splits routine that lasts 20 minutes, 3 x a week.

    – A TDE video twice a week.

    – 4 main S-curve meal structure meals a day (Breakfast, lunch, 2 dinners with cheat snacks – Which you see

    me post on FB, every time I eat them).
    That’s it.I don’t even follow the progression aspects of the S-curve formula. Yet… I’m able to maintain this current day physique.

    Of course… I’m at stage 4. And that’s what stage 4 looks like. But it won’t take you long before you get there.

    The biggest hurdle you’ll face… Is not falling off the wagon, in the first 6-8 weeks. After that… You’re simply going to win.

    That’s why I made that summer 2018 Results Phase 3 months long. Because after that 3 months… You’re flying.

    And if you’re high flying at the end of August. Then you’ll be set to take advantage of the fall season binge-fests

    @ Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    @ This is when we ’embrace’ the binge… And not dread it (Like most people do)
    @ It’s all about that nutrient variety… Even with all those extra D-F rated foods that you’ll be munching on.

    Now let’s…



    – What IS ‘Becoming S-curvish’ though? We dig in…
    – Genetics and where you’re from affects the quality of your results? This topic was triggered by Q & A chats. So we talked about that.
    The S-curve formula is for men?
    – That crazy 3 day Results Phase… Which has now ended.
    – Breaking down the official foods list from the member area.
    – A Q & A about that crazy Results Phase… Which is still relevant, even though it has ended.
    A guide to social media in S-curve world.


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  • Crazy no more…

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/crazy-no-more/

    Buzzers… Saturday…


    It’s the final day of the ‘crazy’ start to summer, with the > updated summer 2018 Results Phase.

    It’ll still be there after midnight tonight. Just… Without the extra goodness that was added over the past 2 days.

    So if taking advantage of ‘goodness’ whenever it comes around is your ‘thing’. Then you know what to do.

    A guide to social media in S-curve world.

    Being a newsletter reader, you get to see ‘everything’ that goes on in every department.

    Not everyone who comes into contact with us see’s that. Since people find us in many different ways.

    But one thing YOU might not see… Is the stuff that goes on inside each of the social media platforms that we’re most active on.

    So let’s dig in… As everyone has their select fave platforms to be on.

    > Pinterest 

    This is where you go if you want to see the S-curve experience, lived out via our associates and partners.

    > Become S-curvish

    > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire
    > Improved daily lifestyle

    > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

    You’ll see posts on there, that’s related to each one of those areas of the S-curve experience.

    Also… By clicking through on the images, you can satisfy your desire for whatever that image is, even further.

    Everything that you click through to, will help you live out your experience to the max.

    > Tumblr

    Almost a copy cat of what goes on, via Pinterest. Just expect to see more social activity via shares and ‘colorful’ commentary. Hehe.

    It’s also a good platform to strike up a solid convo, through the direct messages.

    > Instagram

    This is where most of the brands and associates that we’re connected to, ‘live’. Engagement is pretty high on here too.

    It’s all about OOTD + Bikini + Travel-curvish photos/videos.

    And… Another good place to hit the direct messages.

    > Facebook

    This is the ‘home’. The protocol place for all things ‘social’.

    – Messenger for 121 chats/coaching.
    – My own profile, to be 100% connected.
    – The S-curve member results photo album(s).
    – The S-curve meal structure posts and cheat snacks (Usually my own).
    – The Messenger newsletter via the FB page.
    – Specific posts, chosen from the Pinterest feed, daily.

    And just, all LIVE S-curve experience activity. Which is why you’re encouraged to add on there first, before doing so, anywhere else.

    h3>> YouTube (Not going to link to it here… Scan the FB page feed above to view it :-D)

    It’s the same as what you’ll see on Pinterest. Just… In a much more entertaining way… Via video. On that specific YouTube account.

    Be warned though… The commentary on YouTube is brutally savage. Folks there don’t hold back.

    So only go ‘there’ if you want to be entertained.

    If you’re one of the ‘higher end’ S-curve member types, that isn’t into any of this social sh*t. And just wants to keep it clean and professional. And wants a taste of what learning the S-curve formula is like…

    Then eye up the older YouTube videos on > this account.

    That was much earlier in the S-curve formulas life cycle though. So expect to see a lot more ‘necessary’ bells and whistles added, once you > become a member.

    I’m in the chats if you want to talk. Saturday happy.


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  • A question about your butt… (Elephants in rooms again)

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/a-question-about-your-butt-elephants-in-rooms-again/

    Buzzers… Friday…

    Pinch, punch, first of the month…

    So yesterday… I kick started our summer 2018 ‘Becoming S-curvish’ plans with the…

    > Updated summer 2018 Results Phase

    You can ignore it, if you’re currently on a Pay as you go plan. But if you’re not. And don’t want to miss out on super duper, once a year opportunities. Then… That’s all for YOU.

    There was one ‘elephant in the room’ question that came up though. And I knew that it might come up, as I wrote > that newsletter.

    Which is…

    If the price only goes higher, due to increased intensity/coaching. Then how come yesterday’s update wasn’t a Lifestyle Phase, since it’s now $100 cheaper?

    Answer = Because…

    – The first month is almost, always, a Results Phase month, by default.

    – It might be summer. But most peoples lives don’t change much. Unless you’re a student who gets a 1-3 month summer break.

    – It’s only 3 months long. A Lifestyle Phase usually kicks into full gear by month #3. So it’s all results focused.

    I’ve just structured it in a way, that makes it easier to do, for longer than 4 weeks.

    Because it’s a little insane to do the REAL (Active everyday) Results Phase for any longer than that. Which would cost a lot more.

    Even so… Because it is results focused. And because 121 chats is the heart of it. I have to limit the amount of FitBuzzers that can jump on. Mostly to keep the results quality high. As each one of > these stories NEEDS to be epic.

    There’s no point in doing any ‘Becoming S-curvish’ stuff, if each and every outcome, is not epic.

    That’s what going ‘higher end’ is all about.

    Each person that gets put through… Must be greatly + positively impacted.

    – Family and friends start going wild @ your overall changes.

    – You’re deeply invested, for many future years. Just like Iris, Monica, Aanu, Victoria and many others from the results pages (And most of the people you see commenting on my own FB profile posts – Not the page. Those are all on-growing @fitbuzz followers who are becoming FitBuzzers).

    And most important of all… To connect in possible future face-to-face meet ups.

    Tis the S-curve experience.

    And that’s what it looks like @ the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ part.

    I don’t even need to explain it in words so much today either. Just look on all of our social media accounts to see what I mean.

    > The stories and results pages
    > The LIVE recordings
    > Associates activities

    It’s just like 2017. But a lot less about ME and my S-curve experience shenanigans. At least for now (Eyeing up another TC2.0 trip).

    Who should start this? Why should you start this?

    Reason #1 – Start if you finally want to see your results kick into gear.

    Reason #2 – Start if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of hiding body parts when the sun comes out (It was calves for me… But I’ve been using the S-curve formula for the past 2 years to change that @ my super long legs/hard to build lower legs).

    HINT: The Tailored Daily Exercise video feature from the S-curve formula… Played a major part.

    Reason #3 – Start if you know you should have ‘connected’ long ago… And you feel it’s way overdue. Like…

    ”Hey… I’ve been following for years and have watched everything… I’m ready”.

    It’s OK… I am very used to seeing responses like that. Hehe.

    Reason #4 – Start if you don’t want to do any Pay as you go stuff, don’t mind guidance instead of focused coaching (It’s summer, so it’s not such a bad thing), and like the idea of an extra free 2 months + $100 less than previously.

    Reason #5 – If you’re a long time newsletter reader, that is still failing. The reason why… Is because you’ve not committed yourself to the free ‘ingredients’ that the newsletter gives.

    All those who succeeded, became members. Which meant that they received the formula (Not just ingredients). Which meant that they committed without fail @ paying for sh*t ensures you that use the sh*t you pay for.

    Start for that reason.

    TGIF… I’m in the chats.


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