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  • Intense 6 Minute Beach Workout!


    Post From https://ifbb.com/skopje-is-ready-for-its-1st-ifbb-diamond-cup/

    In the cent of a hectic Fall season in Europe, the 1st. IFBB Diamond Cup Skopje, scheduled for the coming next 13rd – 15th October, in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; is another great challenge that shows how Bodybuilding and Fitness are progressing in the Balkan area.

    Led by Prof. Gabriel Toncean -president of Balkan Federation-, Bodybuilding & Fitness events have been growing recently with events as the 27th Balkan Championships (Romania) or the IFBB Diamond Cup Belgrade (Serbia) with a high organizational standard. Now; the Federation of FYR Macedonia (BBFFM), chaired by the efficient IFBB official and organizer Mr. Boban Gjoroski is offering a new fantastic event, open to all the EBFF/IFBB affiliated National Federations, with important points for the 2018 World Ranking and Elite Pro Cards for the Top 3 athletes in the next disciplines:

    • Bodybuilding
    • Classic Bodybuilding
    • Men´s Physique
    • Bodyfitness
    • Bikini

    All the information and details about categories and registration process are available, at the next link:


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  • S-curve formula – This is what it looks like (Daily newsletter)

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/s-curve-formula-this-is-what-it-looks-like-daily-newsletter/

    The S-curve formula. It’s a weekend of ‘coming up for air’ for me. But without the TC2.0 shenanigans. Anyway… It’s newsletter time. So let’s get into it….

    The game of business… And losing fat (Not weight)

    A lot of people are ‘playing the game’ of business/losing fat… In their heads. But for many who are… They soon realise that they are still fat @ body. Or still broke @ business (Although there are ‘layers’ to this @ business).

    They’re simply not doing what is necessary, in order to win.

    It’s OK to seek outside help. And if you do so. Get it from a source that has a proven history of giving good help.

    That’s why we post progress pics. Turned them into S-curve member stories. And more recently. Ramped up reposting them.

    And it’s also why we went more LIVE with everything. Every single day.

    Like me, meeting a lot of people this year. Bringing them into the 121 chats. Doing > screenshots of those chats. And posting them here in the newsletter. For you to see.

    There’s 2 main things that you’re pushed to do, once you become a member (At any level)#1 Make you have ‘come up for air’ moments. Where you’re in a place that’s totally different, to your ‘day to day norm’ locations.

    #2 Get you to do stuff. That’s totally different than what you’ve done before @ workouts/nutrition.

    Both of those together, is all it usually takes to fix you.

    #1 Works… Because it takes you away from the things that cause the same daily thought patterns.

    #2 Works… Because you start working with someone. Who has a fresh set of eyes about you. So they (Me in this case). Will start to see things about you. That you don’t see in yourself. Because you see it all the time.

    Just like how you see yourself in the mirror everyday. And don’t notice the physical changes, that everyone around you, is saying they can see.

    Moment of truth/Breakthrough ‘over’.


    I know there’s only one S-curve formula…


    But what does that actually look like?

    I’ve explained this before. But it must be repeated again. Because that ‘repeating’… Is a habit building shenanigan.

    This question came up. Because the progress pics started trending again yesterday.

    So… Let me walk you through it…


    It doesn’t matter which payment plan option you start on (They exist, to cater to the different lifestyle types that you’ve revealed in the 121 chats).

    The formula from start to finish, 0-100% S-curvish. Is the same, every time.

    What it looks like…

    Month #1

    – Day 1 selfie/belfie
    – Setting the foundation of what your new #boutine should look like
    – Learning what foods and workouts will ‘work’ with you
    – Push for 7-21 day noticeable results
    – Get you doing your first Tailored Daily Exercise video consistently

    Months #2-4

    – Ease into a Lifestyle phase
    – Habit building shenanigans
    – Start to focus on strength and exercise progression
    – Change your TDE every month
    – Take a new selfie/belfie every month
    – Switch your workout routine every 4-6 weeks, to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change


    Some variation of the above.

    It of course is a lot more detailed than that. But that’s why we have 121 Messenger coaching chats. Chat content… That will then appear on your LIVE update member page.

    I’ll do part 2 to that back to school list tomorrow. It didn’t happen today. Because as usual… The daily newsletter is written LIVE and in the moment.

    What’s trending in S-curve world today?

    – More S-curve experience shenanigans

    – The > sun hat
    – The > fanny pack (Scan the Pinterest feed via More buzz @ why @ both items)

     Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’


    #1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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  • Going back to school [Progress pic alert] (Daily newsletter)

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/going-back-to-school-progress-pic-alert/

    Going back to school

    First… More #boutine (I have to)

    Going back to school. Right now… From what I can see @ all the 121 chats that I’m talking in. It’s still clear that a lot of peoples minds are all fudged up.

    Depressed, unhappy or whatever ‘they’ want to call it. So it’s my job, to uplift you (Probably will be for some time to come).

    I’m qualified to do so. Because so many of our #boutine’s have been fixed. Because of the S-curve formula. Including my own.

    We know it’s true. Because the compliments keep on coming through. To those members. And to me too (No ‘movement’ included :D).

    So understand that… When you start. I’ll know that it’s mostly your mind that needs fixing.

    Process pic alert

    Everything expands in S-curve world, year after year. And I personally work at ‘speed’. To ensure ‘that’…  Becomes a reality.

    Which means… I may sometimes forget about the number of members we’ve all ‘collectively’ helped.

    As a reminder… As of 2017. The hall of fame has evolved into S-curve member stories. Which shows the 1-5-10 year journey of members. In the ‘now’… S-curve experience.

    Enter: > #FBF progress pic post @ several hours back (With a brand new one, posted 6 hours after that @ scroll up).

    I did tell you these stories are real @ people I meet daily

    > The first is from yesterday’s newsletter. The second… Is from a chat that I had 8 hours ago, with a lady who works a lot in the ‘hub’ I’m staying in.

    Did you see her real desires shining through? Even though she said ‘no’, within the exact same moment?

    The solutions I’m throwing at you… Are to solve the problems that YOU tell me about.Onwards… 

    Almost everyone here relates to real life stories.

    How we’ve ended up where we are, is a real life story itself… That continues to be added onto, with each passing day.

    And I seriously have to thank technology. For allowing me to keep track of everyone I meet. It’s like, brand new people. Every single day. And that’s just offline.

    Yesterday’s story of the ‘rise of the internet’… Seemed to relate. With you too, noticing how much has changed since 2004-ish.

    Yesterday’s newsletter is one to bookmark, for the next 6 months at least.

    And to finish off today’s newsletter…

    Going back to school (Part 1)

    There a many different reasons for getting into this lifestyle. But one of the most important reasons. Is the positive impact that it will have on your kids. Or even other peoples kids.

    – The foods in the kitchen
    – The food shopping habits/antics
    – The TC2.0 trips
    – The healthy and positive vibes that they’ll be around (This will stick with them forever @ whatever they go through at this age)

    It’s ‘that’ season right now. And this is becoming more important on here. Since members from 6 years ago. Are now mums.

    It used to be all about them. And for many… It took them a whole 2 years, before they truly switched into mummy mode.

    But today… Just a little checklist. On some of the stuff that might be important for you over the next 2 months.

    #1 Definitely > Just fix my #boutine. Because you’re probably going to be all over the place, mentally and physically, over the next 2 months.

    #2 > Tupperware

    #3 > Power bank

    #4 A good set of > noise cancelling headphones. I personally don’t need this. As over the years. I’ve just been ferocious with my goal getting antics. No ‘thing’ ever gets in my way. Even when people bring their trash antics to my table. I ‘hyper’ block out the noise.

    But I’m not the norm. You probably are. So on the noisiest days, you’ll need some good headphones. So that you can take control of the thoughts that enter your mind.

    #5 These > Echo things actually enhance the S-curve experience to some degree.

    There’s a lot to experiment with in this area. And a lot of you, tend to send me your own ideas of how you’re getting creative with stuff.

    Like what some did… When streaming the member page videos from certain devices, when on your travels.

    Part 2 to this list tomorrow.

    FB stories > Messenger.


    #1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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