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  • Your butt order has been delivered

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/your-butt-order-has-been-delivered/

    Buzzers… Sunday…


    Remember… We’re ‘not so serious’ around ‘ere.

    What I mean is… We simply use the S-curve formula to fix you. And then… We talk and connect like regular human beings.

    You’re not here for a (Put the pressure on you) trainer or a nutritionist. That’s not the vibe within the S-curve experience… Take a look around > More buzz to see what I mean.

    You’re here to be fixed. And then to live your life more ‘awesome’… With your new fixed self.

    So if you are becoming a member… Understand that you are entering the S-curve experience. And not some other sh*t @ your own (Non-due diligence) expectations.

    As promised yesterday… 

    So… How DO you get an epic butt, with a teeny tiny waist to match?

    Because… What tends to happen with most. Is that they’ll get their stomach flat. And then lose their butt. Or vice versa.

    How to overcome that issue… Is all down to actual science/biology shenanigans.

    I know this… Because the 2011 nutrition/activity calculator is still being used today, to help solve that problem.

    The do nots

    – No slow go cardio (More than 30 minutes on a treadmill).
    – No fruit or fast digesting carbs 3-4 hours before you sleep.

    The do’s

    –  Max 40 grams of mono/poly fats daily.

    – Focus on horizontal/semi horizontal ‘muscle fiber aligned’ exercises (Clam, leg lifts, abduction variations, to name a few).

    – Effective back exercises.

    – Less generic squats/deadlifts (This will give you a rectangular shaped torso… And not an > S-curve torso… > S-curve torso again).

    – Increase your total daily intake… Whilst following YOUR S-curve meal structure.

    – Tailored daily exercise videos (They change every month).

    – Strength and exercise progression module (At least 4 months of it!).

    That’s it (For the most part).

    Why you’ll still fail @ following that?

    Because it’s a lot of sh*t to remember. And most people end up screwing it all up after doing it for their first 4 weeks, on their own.

    It’s a system that needs to be coached into you.

    Like I said recently…

    Most Fitbuzzers who become members… Wish that they had started earlier. They thought they knew it all.

    Where they fail?– Not realising that it’s more about mental and lifestyle ‘game’ fixing.

    – Not going specific @ nutrition/workout shenanigans (You need a deep knowledge and experience base for this… If you don’t currently have. Get help).


    A lot of ‘experiments’ have been launched this year.

    But they are simply iterations, of the protocol stages 1-4, that you see over on More buzz. Created… To give you some flexibility, in regards to payment options and your lifestyle.


    You don’t need to smash your head against the wall to figure all this sh*t out.

    It’s all proven science and strategies. There are no guessing games or surprises (Like in the business world).

    It’s just a case of you… Getting out of your own way. Building up the trust factor, here on the newsletter. And just ‘starting’  (If it’s results that you’re after).

    In general…

    – Lower trust = Start on > The new Stage 1
    – Higher trust = Start on > Stage 3 (Where the compete S-curve formula is)

    More talk tomorrow. Here’s this weeks > RECAPO.


    #1 Message first, reply second.
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Skype: chamileon857
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

  • Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS (Music Video) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*


    Post From https://www.ifbb.com/waylon-martin-new-ifbbpa-arizona-chairman/

    IFBB Physique America is proud to announce the appointment of Waylon Martin as Chairman of Arizona. “Waylon is a person with the passion, desire and enthusiasm for the sport that IFBB Physique America is thrilled and excited to have part of our team” states IFBBPA President, Wayne S. DeMilia.

    Waylon Martin is an Arizona native and a former bodybuilding competitor. He started competing as a teen while attending the University of Arizona and now has over a decade in the physique industry.  Following his competitive career, he transitioned into bodybuilding media production as well as a personal trainer. “I am excited to be part of IFBBPA and to give athletes additional opportunities within Arizona and beyond. My goal is to build our competitions to be the best, in the USA,” said the new chairman of Arizona.

    Picture: Waylon Martin and Robby Robinson.



    Post From https://www.ifbb.com/1st-ifbb-panatta-world-cup-2018/

    Another exciting challenge for the IFBB athletes arrives from the hand of Panatta Companya leader in the World sector of sports machinery, for decades – and the Italian Federation of Bodybuilding, chaired by Mr Benedetto Mondello. The 1st. IFBB Panatta World Cup 2018 will be held, on June 1st to 3rd, in the city of Rimini; within the popular Trade Expo (Rimini Wellness Expo) that takes place in the village, at the Nord of Italy.

    The competition is open to athletes from the 197 National Federations IFBB-affiliated and will distribute up to 14 Elite Pro Cards, for the two best athletes of the following disciplines:

    Bodybuilding (Top 2 overall)
    Classic Bodybuilding (Top 2 overall)
    Men’s Physique (Top 2 overall)
    Bikini Fitness (Top 2 overall)
    Bodyfitness (Top 2 overall)
    Wellness (Top 2 overall)
    Women’s Physique (Top 2 overall).

    Picture: Mr. Rudy Panatta with IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja.

  • The Story of Furious Pete – Official Trailer – From Anorexia to Pro Competitive Eater


    Post From https://www.ifbb.com/hsu-an-chin-new-president-of-chinese-taipei-bodybuilding-federation/

    After the elections celebrated recent April 11th in the National Federation of Chinese Taipei, Mr. Hsu An-Chin, was appointed to be the new President for the next 4 years.  Government officers from Ministry of Education and Sports Administration witnessed the election and gave Hsu a warm greeting.

    The IFBB convey its best wishes and support to new president Hsu An-Chin and all the Bodybuilding and Fitness fans, in Chinese Taipei.

    Picture: President Hsu An-Chim, celebrating the result of elections in Chinese Taipei National Federation, with executives and Government officers.


    Post From https://www.ifbb.com/ifbb-feff-join-efforts-with-the-spanish-agency-for-the-protection-of-health-in-sports-against-the-doping/

    This week, the Director of the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sports, (AEPSAD), Dr. José Luis Terreros and Mr. Agustín Gonzalez (Head of the Legal Affairs Division), held a meeting with IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja, who was joined by the president of the Spanish Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (FEFF) Mr. Jose Ramos, and its Vice-president, Mr. Javier Parra; in the goal of joining forces and involvement, in the battle against doping.

    The meeting was a starting point in the close collaboration between the three organizations to carry out actions and procedures that raise awareness among our athletes, in the prevention, education and other aspects related to doping, besides the possible legal and deontological consequences of being involved in these practices.

    With the IFBB a signatory member of the WADA Code, and fully involved in the battle against doping, this meeting has been a great step for the FEFF in its approaching to the recognition by the official Sports institutions, in Spain.

    Picture: (left to right) José Ramos (FEFF president), José Luis Terreros (AEPSAD Director), Dr. Rafael Santonja (IFBB president), Agustín González (AEPSAD Executive) and Javier Parra (FEFF Vice-president).


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