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    Post From http://www.ifbb.com/2016/08/pro-tan-shows-how-to-reach-the-perfect-bronze-color-on-stage/

    Pro Tan®, Official Tanning Company of the IFBB, has created instructional videos for both, athletes and coaches, to properly learn how to apply competition color and posing oils, before stepping on stage. These videos are already in IFBB TV, and can be watched in the next links:

    http://tv.ifbb.com/fitness-talks/bikini_bite (Posing Oil)
    http://tv.ifbb.com/fitness-talks/applying_posing_oil (Posing Oil)
    http://tv.ifbb.com/fitness-talks/bikini_bronze_top_coat (Instant Top Coat)
    http://tv.ifbb.com/fitness-talks/overnight_base_coat_female (Color Base Coat for women)
    http://tv.ifbb.com/fitness-talks/overnight_base_coat_male (Color Base Coat for men)

    To get the perfect tanning and image is critical for reaching the highest scores onstage, in any IFBB discipline; so, it´s very important that all the athletes get the proper skills about how to offers, on stage, their best image. This educational videos are an excellent tool to reach such knowledge.

    If athletes and coaches have any additional questions, please visit www.ProTanUSA.com or email rob@protanusa.com.

    #1 Worldwide Since 1987, Pro Tan®, “Don’t Step On Stage Without It!”


    Post From http://www.ifbb.com/2016/08/arnold-classic-asia-first-champions/

    by Armando M.  With great success of audience and competitors finished the Saturday session, at the inaugural edition of Arnold Classic Asia, held in Hong Kong, in modern venue “Asia World Expo”.

    Bodybuilding, Fitness and Women´s Physique where the IFBB sport disciplines celebrated in this session, where worldwide audience discovered 11 new international champions, representing 9 different countries. IFBB activities were follow by thousands of people, in live, where athletes from all the continents where performing intensively for the awards.

    Korea (with two gold medals) and Saudi Arabia (perfectly represented by Junior bodybuilder Hussain Jafar Al Gassas, who got two gold medals, as well) were the most successful national teams, in this session.

    Sunday, 21h the contest will finish with Bodyfitness, Bikini, Men´s Physique and Classic Bodybuilding.


    • Junior (Open):              Hussain Jafar Al Gassas (Saudi Arabia)
    • Master (+40):                Yevgenig Ekimov (Kazakhstan)
    • Master (+50):                Jong Ho Lee (Korea)
    • Bantam W. (-65 kg.):   Hussain Jafar Al Gassas (Saudi Arabia)
    • Light W. (-70 kg.):        Lin Pei Qu (China)
    • Middle W. (-80 kg.):   Omar Khaled (Morocco)
    • Light-Heavy W. (-90 kg): Hyun Jin Kim (Korea)
    • Heavy W. (-100 kg.):   Lam Po Kin (Hong Kong)
    • Super-Heavy W. (+100 kg.): Mikhail Sazonov (Russia)

    FITNESS (Open):   Aleksandra Kepa (Poland)

    WOMEN´S PHYSIQUE (Open): Joan Liew Lee Ting (Singapore)

    Full results: coming soon in www.ifbb.com

    Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Petty, chairman of Arnold Classic Asia; opening the event, in Hong Kong.



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  • 3 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without Stepping into a Gym

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/3-fun-ways-to-get-fit-without-stepping-into-a-gym/

    At this point in the year, your New Year’s resolution to get fit probably seem like a lifetime ago. Rather than wait until next January, though, think about how you can start to take small steps in changing your lifestyle right now. Here are three fun ways to get fit, without having to invest in an expensive gym membership.

    Join a Team-Based Sport

    Working out can occasionally feel pretty lonely. While some will thrive on this kind of isolation, studies actually show that people are more likely to stick to a regime if they work out with a friend. One of the best ways to do this is to join a local sports team. If you were never interested in football, rugby, or any of the sports at school, don’t worry, there are a bunch of other fun options like ultimate frisbee or roller derby out there. If you need to update your wardrobe or need to grab a pair of skates, or boards before getting started, specialists like Skate Hut will stock everything you need.


    Get Your Dancing Shoes On

    If you love to dance, you’re in luck. Dancing is a great form of exercise that, when practiced in a safe environment, is encouraged by all industry experts. Not only can you burn calories, but in time you’ll also build muscle tone and improve endurance too. If you feel self-conscious or worry you lack the rhythm, there will be plenty of classes focused at beginners available. Take a look at the Dance UK’s website to see which agencies are in your area. From ballet to contemporary dance or salsa to ballroom, there’s sure to be a school of dance that interests you.


    Start your own garden


    One final way to get fit that you might not have considered is gardening. An hour spent in the garden pulling weeds and planting vegetables could burn as much as 400 calories, comparable to walking four miles. However, most people find that the most significant change to their health is the change in their diet. Growing your own vegetables is the ideal way to incorporate healthier meals into your day-to-day life. If you live in an urban area, and aren’t fortunate enough to have your own garden, consider taking part in a community gardening project where you can also meet and socialise with new people.


  • How To Do Pull Ups for Beginners

    Post From http://leehayward.com/blog/how-to-do-pull-ups-for-beginners/

    If you suck at doing Pull Ups & Chins Ups and can’t even perform a single rep, then you should give these assisted pull up variations a try…

    Pull Ups are one of the best exercises you can do for building up your upper body. They work multiple muscles in your back, arms, chest, core, etc. and they develop real world functional strength.

    The only problem is that pull ups & chins ups are hard as heck!

    They are very advanced exercises and it can be hard and frustrating for beginners to perform even a single rep, let alone master them and perform multiple sets and reps.

    However, there are some simple assisted pull up variations that you can perform in your workouts to help build up your strength and work capacity. Doing these assisted pull up variations will help you to eventually work your way up to doing proper pull ups and chin ups with your entire bodyweight.

    Watch The Video Below To Learn How You Can Perform Pull Ups…

    Note: if you can watch the embedded video above, Click Here to watch the video on my YouTube channel.

    Progressive Pull Up Program…

    If you would like more tips and tricks for mastering Pull Ups & Chin Ups, then I highly recommend that you download a copy of the “Progressive Pull Up Program”. This will take you through a complete step-by-step graduated pull up training system.

    It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to working out and have never even attempted a pull up before, or if you’ve been busting your butt in the gym for months on end and just can’t get your chin over the bar, the Progressive Pull Up Program will strategically take you through the entire process of conquering one of the hardest exercises in the gym… The Pull Up!

    All phases of training are covered in detail – from the out of shape beginner who can’t even do a single pull up with bodyweight, right on up to the advanced bodybuilder who can bang out multiple sets of weighted pull ups!

    Progressive Pull Up Program
    Click Here to download your copy of the Progressive Pull Up Program.

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