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    Post From http://www.ifbb.com/2016/12/ifbb-diamond-cup-caribe-new-event-for-2017/

    by Armando M.  Barely 48 hours before the fantastic 2016 World Junior & Master Championships, held in Santo Domingo; a new event comes for 2017 again in the Dominican Republic capital city: the 2017 IFBB Diamond Cup Caribe.

    This event, organised first time ever in Caribe area, will take place in March; 10th to 12th and will be another challenge for the Dominican Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation, chaired by Mr. Tony Peña. It will be another fantastic chance to athletes for visiting such great country!


    Post From http://www.ifbb.com/2016/12/1st-olympia-amateur-jordan-last-images-from-the-great-bodybuilding-festival-in-middle-east/

    by Armando M.       Celebrated in Amman (Jordan) from 17th to 19th November; the first ever Olympia Amateur Jordan was the re-match, in Bodybuilding and Men´s Physique, for the Arabian and Middle East athletes.

    Organized by KABS FitFactory and Mr. Awn Al-Kabariti; the event congregated several sports and social personalities, as Amman Mayor, S.E. Akel Biltaji; and Jordan & Kuwait Bank chairman, S.E. Abdelkarim Al-Kabariti -both of them, awarded by IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja-.

    With over 300 male athletes onstage, the event gave us images as spectaculars, as follows:


    Post From http://www.ifbb.com/2016/12/in-memoriam-ifbb-judge-juan-antonio-guerrero-spain/

    Is with great sorrow that we share, with the all the IFBB Family the passing away of Juan Antonio Guerrero, last 20th December, at the age of 41.

    Juan Antonio was a dedicated and loyal IFBB official, that served the sport and the society with great charisma and dedication, as a member of the Spanish Bodybuilding Federation (FEFF), and as President of the Extremadura Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

    The IFBB conveyed this morning the condolences to his family, wife Martha and join them in their sorrow and prayers.

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  • Vitality Through Vitamins – How Healthy Habits Can Boost Creativity

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/vitality-through-vitamins-how-healthy-habits-can-boost-creativity/


    We all wish we could tap into our creativity more and enjoy expressing ourselves in new and different ways! Here is a bunch of healthy habits you can try to boost your brain and get into the right gear!

    Cover Your Basics

    The first tip we have for you is a simple one, just look after yourself!

    Do some exercise, get plenty of sleep, and keep your brain healthy and nourished. Things like omega 3, Vitamin D and plenty of antioxidants will help keep your brain in top shape and ready to go. That’s why you should ensure that you include foods rich in vitamins and minerals in your diet or include supplements like Comvita health products from MrVitamins.


    Meditating has so many benefits both physical and mental. Regular meditation can reduce stress, improve sleep, increase mindfulness and
    it gives our brains a chance to unwind and wander uninhibited. All of these things can help get us into a more creative frame of mind.

    Walk it Off

    The best thing to do to bust a creative block is to get up and move! Go for a long walk, or perhaps a jog to get your body really feeling the positive vibes. Yoga is also a great thing to do for creativity. It is a relaxing but stimulating series of movements that encourage flexibility and fitness that is both physical and mental.


    A brief nap in between tasks is a great way to energise and prepare for the next task ahead. Not only that, but we organise and consolidate our memories and what we have recently learnt while we sleep. So take some time to reset so that you can wake up with fresh energy and eagerness to tackle that next project!


    Take time to enjoy yourself once in awhile, you can go outside to do stuff or just enjoy a video game or two. Both kinds of play will enhance hand eye coordination, creativity and mood, which are all fantastic things for getting in the mood to make stuff!

    Listen to Music

    Music can do so much for us, we can use it to get pumped up or to calm down.

    Music can inspire us to be creative or it can boost our concentration. Depending on what mood best aids your creative side, music can
    help you get there. Alternatively, you can see if the ‘ Mozart Effect’ works for you by listening to some classical music next time you sit down for a crafternoon! Tis’ the season, so maybe carols are a better for getting you going this Christmas.

    Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Even if you are feeling crappy, having a laugh can put you in better spirits.

    You are more likely to feel creative if you are in a good mood. Plus, regular laughter is great for your overall health as it makes you release “feel good” hormones.

    Use Your hands

    The more senses you stimulate the better your crafting will go!

    So, when possible, ditch the computer and write with a pen and paper or draw. Working with your hands can trigger creative thinking, plus
    if you do something busy with your hands your mind is free to wander and plan the next project. Some great tasks to get your hands and mind going is knitting or embroidering, or even some paper mache or clay creations!

    Work in a Cafe

    Some people are at their creative peak with some noise in the background, so a coffee shop may just be the ideal environment for making
    stuff. You can only do certain activities in a cafe, but if writing or drawing is your passion you should try this different setting and see how it works for you. The smell of coffee can also help keep you alert and aware, and the fact that there are waitstaff that will bring you food and drinks periodically doesn’t hurt either!

    Finding what works for you can really be as simple as a couple of small adjustments to your habits and attitude. As well as boosting your creativity these tips are great for your general wellbeing, so you really can’t go wrong!


    Post From http://www.ifbb.com/2016/12/lebanon-goes-ahead-with-ifbb-educational-program/

    by Armando M.   Despite the end of the sport season, it´s not time to stop with the IFBB Educational Program, but just the opposite. Without the pressure of competitive results, an important number of Lebanese coaches and athletes attended the Seminar offered in Beyrouth, this weekend, by Professor Mauricio de Arruda, chairman of Anti-Doping and IFBB Educational Commission.

    The Seminar was organised, in a very successful way by the Lebanese Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Federation, chaired by its dynamic president, Mr. Hassenen Moukalled.

    Picture: Prof. Mauricio de Arruda and Mr. Hassenen Moukhalled (izq.) surrounded by the Lebanese students, in the IFBB Seminar, in Beyrouth.

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  • Back To The Basics – Mass & Power Workout

    Post From http://leehayward.com/blog/mass-and-power-workout/

    When Vince Lombardi took over the Green Bay Packers everyone asked him what he was going to do:

    “Are you going to change the playbooks?” “Are you going to change the players,” “What are you going to do differently?”

    To these questions he replied:

    “I’m not going to change anything, we’re just going to get brilliant on the basics. Our opponents may be able to predict exactly what we’re going to do, but we’re going to be so good at the basics that they won’t be able to stop us.”

    The Back To Basics Mass & Power Workout…

    When it comes to building a muscular physique the one key element that you must focus on is getting stronger. A bigger muscle is a stronger muscle (and vice versa). When you are at the gym just look around at the regular members. I’m willing to bet that the guys who are the biggest and the most muscular are also the ones who are lifting the heaviest weights.

    One of the problems that a lot of people run into when training for strength gains is doing way too many exercises. They are spreading themselves too thin and burning out on the sheer volume of training. Part of the problem is the environment that most of us train in.

    ====================Most commercial gyms these days have so many fancy padded machine exercises all over the place that people are getting away from the basic bread and butter mass building moves.

    Commercial Gym Equipment

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of machine exercises and I feel they have their place in the gym. Machines are great for isolating specific muscles, good for working around injuries, and they can help add variety to your training. Plus there are some exercises that can only be done on machines that can’t be duplicated with free weights (i.e. pull downs, push downs, leg press, leg extensions, etc.).

    However, over reliance on machine exercises will actually make you weaker, instead of stronger. The reason I know this is because I’ve personally fallen into this trap myself several times over the years. Opting for Leg Press over Squats. Doing the Hammer Strength Bench Press instead of the Barbell Bench Press. Machine Rows instead of Barbell Rows, etc…

    Now you can still make “strength gains” in these machine exercises. However, those strength gains don’t always carry over into your free weight exercises. Machines balance and support the weights for you, all you have to do is push or pull along a guided track, so it’s not a true strength builder.

    But when you make strength gains in basic free weight exercises, those gains almost always carry over into your machine exercises. Free weights put you in a real 3 dimensional environment where you not only have to push or pull the weights, but you have to balance and support them as well.

    ====================Barbells and dumbbells can twist, turn, wobble, etc. and this all leads to a higher level of neuromuscular activation and thus more stimulation for building strength and muscle mass.====================
    Military Press

    For our Back To Basics Mass & Power Workout we’re going to put the machine exercises on the back burner. Instead we are going to focus on only doing a select few powerlifts and working the crap out of those lifts!

    The goal for each workout is simple:
    To Lift More During This Workout Than You Did For Your Last Workout.

    If you can consistently beat your previous best lifts over and over again, even if it’s just getting an extra rep or adding an extra 5 pounds to the bar, it will all add up overtime and equal some Big Lifts and some Big Muscles. Now what we consider “big” is all relative, I’m not saying that within in the matter of weeks you’ll be ready to pose down on the Mr. Olympia stage or anything like that. But by getting stronger on the basic lifts you’ll be able to blow past your own training plateaus and set some new personal records in size and strength.

    So without wasting anymore time, let’s cut the small talk and get right into the “Meat & Potatoes” of the program…

    Focus On The Basic Powerlifts…

    The workout will consist of:
    – Squats
    – Bench Press
    – Deadlift

    That’s it, nothing more, nothing less!

    The 3 Powerlifts Squat, Bench, Deadlift

    These are the core powerlifts. The big 3 (squat, bench, and deadlift) are the competition lifts in powerlifting. Nothing else can sum over up overall brute strength and power like those 3 lifts. They lay the foundation to any good muscle building program.

    Workout 3 Days Per Week…

    The workout itself is very simple. You’re going to hit the gym 3 days per week (or every second day). The main thing is that you take a full day of rest after each workout before training again.

    Warm Up Before Every Workout…

    Before each workout you’re going to do a proper warm up. I suggest doing 5-10 minutes of cardio such as a rowing machine or an elliptical with the moving arm handles. Ideally you would do something that moves your entire body, elevates your core temperature, and gets the blood flowing.

    After your cardio you’ll do some rotator cuff rotations, arm circles, bodyweight squats, etc. to make sure all your major muscles are limber. I’ve got a good video on YouTube that shows how to do a proper warm up routine posted below…

    Note: if you can’t see the embedded video clip above,
    you can watch it directly on YouTube at:

    Once you are all warmed up you’re going to head over to the power rack and get set up for your first set of squats!

    Sample Workout Routine…

    For each exercise in our basic mass and power workout you’re going to do a few progressively heavier warm up sets, pyramiding up to your top working weight, then you are going to do 2 sets of 5 reps with your top working weight.

    Now for example purposes, let’s assume your top working weight in the squat is 225 pounds for 5 reps. Your weights, sets, and reps may go like this:

    Sample Squat Workout:
    1st set – 95 pounds x 10 reps (warm up)
    2nd set – 135 pounds x 8 reps (warm up)
    3rd set – 185 pounds x 5 reps (warm up)
    4th set – 225 pounds x 5 reps (working set)
    5th set – 225 pounds x 5 reps (working set)

    After squats you’ll move on to the bench press. And for our example, let’s assume your top working weight in the bench press is 185 pounds for 5 reps. Your weights, sets, and reps may go like this:

    Sample Bench Press Workout:
    1st set – empty bar x 10 reps (warm up)
    2nd set – 95 pounds x 8 reps (warm up)
    3rd set – 135 pounds x 5 reps (warm up)
    4th set – 185 pounds x 5 reps (working set)
    5th set – 185 pounds x 5 reps (working set)

    After bench presses you’ll move on to the deadlift. And for our example, let’s assume your top working weight in the deadlift is 275 pounds for 5 reps. Your weights, sets, and reps may go like this:

    Sample Deadlift Workout:
    1st set – 135 pounds x 10 reps (warm up)
    2nd set – 185 pounds x 8 reps (warm up)
    3rd set – 225 pounds x 5 reps (warm up)
    4th set – 275 pounds x 5 reps (working set)
    5th set – 275 pounds x 5 reps (working set)

    That’s it, those are the 3 basic lifts that you are going to do 3 days per week. Your training goal is very simple, each workout strive to add 5 pounds to the bar and still perform all the sets and reps. If you are able to up the weight by 5 pounds and still get all the required sets and reps with good form, then up the weight again for your next workout and keep progressing in this fashion. However, if you get stuck and don’t hit 5 reps on one of your working sets, or you had to get help from a spotter, keep the same weight for your next workout.

    When planning out a program like this it’s a good idea to be little conservative when selecting your starting weights. I’d much rather you go through the workouts feeling strong with the weights and knowing that you could do grind out an extra rep or two if you really had to. This will allow you to build momentum in your training and allow you to keep increasing the weights by those 5 pound jumps for several workouts in a row before hitting a plateau.

    The slow and steady approach to strength gains is much better than starting off too heavy and hitting failure right off the bat and having to drop down in weight. Getting “beaten by the weights” and having to lighten the load is no fun. But feeling strong and making those small frequent jumps in weight helps keep you motivated. A lot of people ignore this aspect of training, but being motivated, feeling strong, and actually looking forward to your workouts is half the battle. That’s what keeps you on track towards your muscle building goals.

    Advanced Training Tips…

    If you are a more advanced lifter and can handle heavier weights than what I have listed in the examples, than you’ll most likely need to perform more warm up sets. The heavier you lift, the more warm up sets it will take in order to reach your top working weight.

    You may also want to cycle the order that you perform the exercises, so overtime you can hit each exercise at the beginning of your workout when you are fresh and at your strongest. For example, you may start your first workout with squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. The next workout you could do bench presses, deadlifts, and squats. The following workout you could do do deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, etc. And just keep rotating through the exercises like that.

    The use of a good powerlifting belt and lifting chalk will really help, especially as you build up the poundages for those top heavy working sets. You could even use lifting straps to help re-enforce your grip on the deadlifts if needed. But make sure to do all your warm up sets without lifting straps so that you’ll still be able to build up your natural grip strength.

    What About Working The Rest Of The Body…

    As I’m writing this I can already hear the comments coming from the peanut gallery:
    – “What about all my other muscle groups?”
    – “What am I going to do for biceps?”
    – “What about calves?”
    – “Shouldn’t I be working my abs?”
    – Etc…

    The biggest problem that people run into when following a basic mass and power workout program is that it “Seems Too Basic”. Most people don’t see the forest for the trees. They over complicate things by always looking for new exotic exercises, magic formulas, unique training theories and new age programs. Meanwhile, the answer to their problem is very often staring them right in the face, but they overlook it because it seems too obvious.

    Too many guys get bogged down in the minor details before they even have a solid foundation to work with. To give you a real world example of this, let’s look at the process of building a house. If you were building a house would you start off worrying about what color you are going to paint the walls before the foundation has been laid and the house has been framed? Probably not… Now I’m not saying that the color that you paint the walls isn’t important, but it’s a very specific detail that only really matters way down the line once the rest of the house has been built.

    The same applies with building your body. It makes no sense to focus on the details of your physique and doing specialization training when you weigh a buck fifty soaking wet. Focus first on putting some meat on your bones and building up your base strength.

    A good goal to strive for is to get your strength up in the core powerlifts so that you can bench 1 and 1/2 times your bodyweight and squat and deadlift 2 times your bodyweight. Focus on hitting those numbers before worrying about how to bring out the detail of your serratus anterior or isolating your vastus medialis.

    It makes no sense to worry about sculpting your bicep peak or isolating the lateral head of your triceps if your arms barely stretch the tape measure to 13 inches. Pay your dues in the gym with some hardcore training on the basic powerlifts and you’ll pack more meat on your guns than biceps curls ever could.

    Skinny 98 Pound Weakling

    “But Lee I just have to work my… (arms, abs, calves, etc.)”

    If the thought of not directly training a particular muscle group is just driving you nuts and keeping you awake at night. Then you can follow a modified version of this Back To Basics Workout and take 1 day per week to do whatever muscle isolation exercises you feel that you absolutely “must do”.

    If you just have to do bicep curls, tricep push downs, side lateral raises, crunches, calf raises, etc… Simply take 1 day per week to do those exercises.

    For example, if you are working out 3 days per week this is how your training split may look:

    Monday – “Back To Basics” – train the 3 powerlifts
    Tuesday – Rest
    Wednesday – “Isolation Workout” – do your isolation moves
    Thursday – Rest
    Friday – “Back To Basics” – train the 3 powerlifts
    Saturday – Rest
    Sunday – Rest

    This way you’ll be able to satisfy your urge to isolate specific body parts. But in all honesty it probably won’t be any more effective in the long run than simply doing the 3 basic powerlifts.


    You’ll be amazed at the improvements you can make in your overall muscular development if you just take a few months and really focus on improving the 3 basic powerlifts. If you were to add 30-50 pounds to each of these lifts over the course of the next 3 months, just think of how that would impact your overall muscle density?

    And when you zero in and target all your training efforts on just a few basic lifts, making these kinds of strength gains within a few months is very realistic. Especially if you have been doing “marathon workouts” and trying to work the muscles from every angle possible with every exercise imaginable.

    So if you are looking to take your physique to the next level of muscular development, give this Mass & Power program a try. Simplify your approach, focus on making strength gains, and get brilliant on the basics!

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