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    Post From http://leehayward.com/blog/single-leg-press/

    The Leg Press is an awesome mass building compound leg exercise. While most bodybuilders will ranks barbell squats as the number # 1 Leg Exercise – the Leg Press is a close second because it’s a heavy compound exercise that works all the major muscles of the lower body – quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, and glutes.

    In fact, there are a lot of bodybuilders who have used the leg press as their primary mass building leg exercise to build big legs without squats.

    Now most folks will use the leg press in the traditional fashion with 2 legs at the same time, but an even harder variation that you can perform is the Single Leg Press – this one has some unique benefits.

    Watch the video below to see a demo of the Single Leg Press…

    Click Here To Watch The Full Video On YouTube.

    Greater Range Of Motion…
    When you do the leg press with one leg at a time you’ll work the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, and glutes with a greater range of motion and help to generate more muscle activation. Even though the actual movement may look similar to normal leg presses, it feels totally different.

    Develop Balance & Proportion Between Both Legs…
    Chances are you may have an imbalance between your left and right sides, where one side is bigger or stronger than the other. This is pretty common, but by doing single limb exercises – such as the Single Leg Press – you’ll force each side to perform an equal workload and this will help to develop balance and proportion between the left and right legs.

    More Core Stimulation…
    You’ll also get some core work in your abs and obliques from having to stabilize your body. Even though your back is supported on the back rest – you will still feel your abs working during this exercise.

    Twice The Workout With Half The Weights…
    Another great benefit to this leg press variation is that you won’t have to be a weight plate hog at the gym. Most guys (and some gals) will have to round up at least 10 x 45 pound plates in order to get enough weight to perform the leg press. And the really strong dudes are using 20 or more plates. But with the single leg press you’ll be able to get more muscle stimulation with less than half of the weight plates that you normally use.

    Not having to load as many weight plates makes it a lot more convenient to perform leg presses in your leg workout. Normally it takes more time to load the weight plates on and off the machine than it does to perform the actual exercise. But with the Single Leg Press variation even the strongest guys will only need to use a few 45 pound plates per side to get a killer leg workout.

    I encourage you to give the Single Leg Press a try for yourself and leave me a comment below letting me know how it works for you.


    Post From http://www.ifbb.com/2016/10/44o-campeonatos-centroamericanos-y-del-caribe-nuevas-estrellas-del-deporte/

    by Armando M.   Seis nuevas estrellas del Bodybuilding y el Fitness se dieron a conocer los pasados días 30 de septiembre y 1 de Octubre, en la 44ª edición de los Campeonatos Centroamericanos y del Caribe, celebrados en Santo Domingo (República Dominicana).

    Los campeonatos, en los que se realizaron test anti-doping, dado el reconocimiento de la IFBB por parte de ODEPA y de los Comités Olímpicos de los países participantes; registraron la victoria por equipos del país anfitrión, República Dominicana (250 puntos), por delante de Venezuela (197 puntos) y de Barbados (167 puntos).

    Los grandes protagonistas de esta edición fueron los campeones absolutos de las respectivas categorías:

    Bodybuilding:              Christian Gómez (Honduras)

    Men´s Physique:         Larry Zimmerman (Rep. Dominicana)

    Bikini:                          Vanessa Hill (Trinidad & Tobago)

    Bodyfitness:                Tamsha Lewis (Barbados)

    Fitness:                       Nikita Robinson (Barbados)

    Women´s Physique:    Marina JeanPierre (Sta. Lucía)

    Foto: Los nuevos seis campeones absolutos de los Campeonatos Centroamericanos y del Caribe.


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  • New Years Diet & Training Program

    Post From http://leehayward.com/blog/new-years-diet-training-program/

    Happy New Year Total Fitness Bodybuilders!

    This is my first blog post of 2016 and to help you kick off your New Year on the right track I’m going to focus on putting together a series of “Get Back In Shape Videos”.

    These videos will cover practical diet and training tips that you can start using ASAP to lose fat, build lean muscle, and get in your best shape for 2016.

    As you know losing weight and getting in shape is right at the top of the new years resolution goal list. However, the vast majority of people never follow through and actually make their fitness goals a reality… I Don’t Want This To Happen To YOU.

    Click Here To Watch The Full Video On YouTube.

    That’s why over the next several videos & blog posts I’m going to put together a realistic weight training, cardio, and nutrition program that is geared towards beginners and folks who are just getting back into working out again after taking some time off.

    You can follow along with these videos to help move yourself in the right direction towards reaching your personal fitness goals.

    And to help you get started, I have a special gift for you…

    It’s a Free 51 Page Report called the 3 Keys To Building Muscle.

    This report is an easy read and it covers the fundamentals to getting in shape…

    3-keys-cover Training:
    You’ll learn how to combine strength training workouts and cardio conditioning together for building lean muscle while burning body fat at the same time.

    Find out the exact number of calories that you need for your body type, in the proper ratios of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. It even outlines a sample daily meal plan that you can follow along with.

    Learn how to set you up for success by taking a practical and realistic approach to goal setting and following through with your fitness program.

    Click Here To Download Your Copy Of The 3 Keys To Building Muscle & Losing Fat.

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