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    Post From https://www.ifbb.com/10x-world-champion-el-shahat-mabrouk-in-ifbb-academy-course/

    The Training Course Level 2 for Fitness & Bodybuilding organized by the IFBB Academy Dubai (UAE), was held with great success and wide participation, recent February 9th to 10th, at the magnificent Al Bustan Hotel.

    Over 30 coaches and trainers took part in this course that had a celebrity as guest: the Egyptian champion El Shahat Mabrouk, 10x IFBB World Champion and holder of the largest international and continental titles, in the world. 

    The IFBB Academy president, Colonel Abdul Karim Mohammed Saeed, participated in the opening session and in the closing ceremony, joined by El Shahat Mabrouk who distributed the certificates, accredited by the IFBB, to al the participants. Moreover, Mr. Zayed Al-Jallaf -general manager of the Academy- thanked all the lecturers for their outstanding role in the success of the session and the positive spirit represented by the participants. Everything contributed to increasing the exchange of knowledge related to Bodybuilding.

    Alongside the UAE, international lecturer Jaafar Ashkanani gave a Course in the Anatomy of the human body and its relationship to exercise, training loads, and proper nutrition before and after training, besides first aid in injuries.

    IFBB Academy Dubai continues with its high level of activity and the next session will be held on coming next February 23rd -24th, as well in Dubai.

    Picture: Bodybuilding icon, El Shahat Mabrouk (second by left), with IFBB Academy president, Col. Abdul Karim Mohammed Saeed (center); and other distinguished members.

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  • I lied… You CAN win by being cheap

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/i-lied-you-can-win-by-being-cheap/

    Buzzers… Humpday…

    Recently… I stated that you should always look at anything you buy… From a > value perspective.

    In S-curve world… I said you should never start > stage 1. Just because it’s the cheapest option. And to stop thinking you’re going to get a ‘Ferrari like’ experience for 20 bucks.

    Oh… But I lied (Kinda)

    Now… It is true. It’s all about being on stage 3. That’s where you’ll get your biggest wins. It’s been proven too many times already.


    If you have a ton of time on your hands. And/or are a real doer/go-getter.

    Then… You could probably fly past the stage 1 noticeable results goal, on your own. With just stage 1 info to


    That is indeed being a little cheap though. And I want you to live ‘awesome’. Not spending all your time figuring sh*t out that’s already been figured out for you.

    The one big drawback, if you go this cheap route. Is that stage 1 on it’s own, will get boring, very quickly.

    And if you start using stuff outside of the S-curve formula beyond that. Then I can’t be responsible for whatever results you get, injuries you face, or whatever.

    Following stages 1-4 is what will get you S-curvish. > Like this.

    As you can see… We talk about everything on this newsletter now. The days of being sensitive about talking on any topic, are over.

    Now tell me about your sex life. Ha.

    Let’s reminder blueprint tip for new stage 1 members

    #1 There’s no 121 Messenger app coaching at this stage. Which means there’s no guaranteed daily motivation or guidance.

    But you already know you’re getting a little daily fix, by reading these newsletters everyday. So don’t stop. It’s a part of the S-curve formula.

    #2 Your member page… Keep it on all of your devices. It’s your ‘go to’ fix, whenever your brain starts ‘thinking’.

    After a while… The stuff you digest from your member page, will become a habit, even without realising it.

    #3 You’ve been given guidance on what the next stages look like, on your stage 1 update.That’s done…

    – To show you that there’s a future beyond what you’re doing.

    – To motivate you to get there.

    But right now. Do everything on your stage 1 update ‘exact’.

    You’re mostly going to be working alone. But that’s a good thing. Because you’re getting a great education…

    And building a solid foundation, should you continue onto stage 2-3.
    #4 Make sure you follow on @fitbuzz social media. All accounts on there are active 24/7.And if you really want to get in the game and absorb your member page, regardless of what stage you’re on… Then add/follow ME on Facebook. Edutained (Ya… I made that a word) you will be.


    #1 Message first, reply second.
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    #3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
    the coming months/years).

    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Skype: chamileon857
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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  • The Best Body Type for Bodybuilding

    Post From http://leehayward.com/blog/the-best-body-type-for-bodybuilding/

    What is the Best Body Type for Bodybuilding?

    Is it a pure mesomorph or should there be a combination of body types with either ectomorphic or endomorphic characteristics?

    That’s what we’re going to discuss in this blog post…

    Just the other day I received a facebook message asking…

    Emerson wrote:
    “What is the best body figure to start bodybuilding? A fat one or a skinny one? And do fat people have more body mass (i.e. muscle mass) than skinny people?”

    Click PLAY To Watch The Video…

    Note: if you can’t watch the embedded video clip above,
    you can watch it right on my YouTube Channel by Clicking Here

    Well the truth of the matter, whether you like it or not, is that Fat People generally do have more muscle mass than skinny people. Again the key word here is “generally” because there are always exceptions to the rule.

    In fact, the people with the most lean body mass of any human being on the planet are Sumo Wrestlers. Even though they may look like big blobs of fat, they actually have a heck of a lot of lean muscle mass underneath that fat mass.

    There was a study done back in 1994 on Japanese Sumo Wrestlers to explore the upper limits of fat free mass for the human body. The study compared the amount of lean muscle mass of sumo wrestlers, bodybuilders, and average untrained people. It was found that the Sumo wrestlers had a significantly greater amount of lean muscle mass than the bodybuilders. Who had a greater amount of lean muscle mass than untrained people.

    You can read the study at: “Upper limit of fat-free mass in humans: A study on Japanese Sumo wrestlers.”

    The people with the most lean body mass of any human being on the planet are Sumo Wrestlers

    Now that doesn’t mean that I think you should go and pig out purposely getting fat in effort to gain more muscle mass. There is a lot more to “bodybuilding” than simply having a lot of sheer mass on your frame.

    The BEST Bodybuilding Body Type…

    From an aesthetics point of view a lean muscular physique is much more appealing than a bigger softer physique. And for this reason I believe that the ideal bodybuilding physique would be primarily a mesomorph (a naturally muscular build), but with a slight ectomorphic edge. Probably about a 90% mesomorph and 10% ectomorph.

    The reason for this is that ectomorphs have a very fast metabolism and can maintain a leaner physique much easier. A lot of the great bodybuilding champions have this type of body type. From the classic old school bodybuilders like Frank Zane, Serge Nubret, Vince Gironda, and Reg Park. To modern bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler, Dexter Jackson, and our current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath who have a massive, but very lean aesthetically pleasing physiques.

    And now the latest trend in bodybuilding competition with Men’s Physique and Classic Bodybuilding is primarily geared towards guys with a combination of a mesomorphic and ectomorphic body type.

    Mr. Olympia 2013 Men's PhysiqueThe Top 5 at the 2013 Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Competition.

    What do you think is the ideal bodybuilding body type?
    Please post your comments below…

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  • About your old butt

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/about-your-old-butt/

    Buzzers… #TBT…

    In the past year, we’ve been shifting away from just a focus on ‘fitness’. And have become an overall ‘experience’.

    As it’s a much better reflection of what actually goes on offline and in our chats.

    – We like to cheat snack
    – We like to > travel (With the new S-curvish bod)
    – We like to look the part, but aren’t fitness addicts (Which is why we’ve come up with super efficient ways

    to achieve more… Usually by doing less)

    Even in person. I can usually spot a stranger from a far (Woman). And can tell if she would be, or currently is, a fan of the lifestyle we live here.

    Your ageing butt @ subject line above

    I haven’t talked about this topic for a while. And I’ve recently been giving out a lot non-fitness info to help you along @ life.

    But the fact is… Your goals will change over time.

    This is what it looks like for most.

    – 18-25 Almost all physical goals
    – 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
    – 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
    – 45-60 All health and mental goals

    We had to break it down like that inside the S-curve formula process too. So that it can be effective for everyone.


    Aphrodite Butt Building routine – For women aged 18-35 (Ambitious over 35’s).

    Short Splits Routine – For busy women aged 25-45.

    S-curve Bodyweight Circuits – Not age specific. But definitely for those who live a more mobile lifestyle.

    I have to highlight these things often. So that you’re always educated about everything. Especially if you’ve had it on your mind to officially start as a member.

    But the one thing I can say. Is that starting earlier in life, is much, much better.

    Not so much in regards to looks (Although that is the protocol goal). But more so for the…

    – Habits you’ll build
    – The increased positive energy that starts to surround you @ people
    – The increased confidence and fixed mindset

    Once again… All of that is non-fitness stuff. Which is arguably more important. And definitely helps you keep your physical results when they come.

    Also… Your muscles start to fade after 18 years old. And the time doesn’t come back. So you really need to be saving your current day old self.

    Because today is the youngest you’ll ever be, ever again.

    But in terms of looking S-curvishly hot…

    Your body can look hot up until 60 years old, if you stay active, in the way that is taught.

    Your skin and your face is what may let you down though. We’re not experts in that area. But some starter tips would include…

    – Drink plenty of water
    – Don’t stay in the sun for too long
    – Get your 8 hours sleep
    – Eat A-C rated foods/meals
    – Brush your teeth

    Ya… Basic s***. You just need to do it all consistently.

    Habit building helps with that… Hence, why we have a process for achieving that within the S-curve formula.


    A lot has changed in regards to that, since the start of the year. But we’re still hot on the topic. Just keep on watching.


    #1 Message first, reply second.
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    #3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
    the coming months/years).

    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Skype: chamileon857
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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