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    Post From https://ifbb.com/2018-european-fitness-children-championships/

    Already available for athletes and National Federations the Inspection Report about the 2018 IFBB European Children Fitness Championships that will be held, in Novi Sad (Serbia), coming next October 6th – 8th.


    The event will be organized by the Serbian Federation of Bodybuilding, Bodyfitness, Fitness & Aerobics (SSBBFA) chaired by Mr. Goran Ivanovic in coordination with the Organizing Committee led by Mrs. Biserka Sipka, an experienced promoter and official.

    The championships will offer 9 female and 5 male categories by age (from less the 7 y.o. until 15 y.o.) and are open to all the EBFF/IFBB affiliated National Federations from Europe.

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  • This is what the perfect office/workspace area looks like

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/this-is-what-the-perfect-office-workspace-area-looks-like/

    Last year… I had an idea to bring everyone together via a unique office set up. Which would look something > like this (A place in the current ‘hub’ where I am).
    This would be ‘home’ to many things that we get up to, within the S-curve experience.
    – Foodporn shenanigans
    – Coaching sessions
    – S-curve member challenges
    To name a few…

    This works great locally. However… When locally. It’s more fun to do these things… Using the roof top bars, lounge set ups and the TC2.0 formula.

    Because creating experiences together, is the best way to create long lasting relationships.

    To do this globally… An online conference of some sort could work well. Along with some LIVE streaming shenanigans.

    These things of course… Won’t happen very often. And 90% of the time. We’ll just be connecting via email, social media and FB Messenger.

    But one of the most important things I do right now. Is meet people offline. Reveal the problems and the stories from those meet ups. And share them with you, here on the newsletter.

    I do this… To show how real the problems are, that YOU face. And that the problems are global.

    Even in the US… There are people who never leave the west coast to visit the east coast (And vice versa). Yet… The S-curve members on each side… Reveal the same issues.

    The #1 thing I notice… Is a lack of education in certain areas.

    – Nutrition
    – Workouts
    – Business related things too

    People know that solutions exist. They’ve just never experienced a ‘great’ fix, for the first time. Which takes me to yesterday’s convo with another new person.

    I talked about how important the > back story is… When dealing with new faces.

    And going way back to 2005… That’s when I got my intro into e-commerce.


    I knew it existed before then. But I just had nothing to sell, back in 2002-3.

    But one day. When a fellow college student, whose parents wholesale business was letting stuff go. I did… And that is when I felt the heat of online sales. Which kick started the journey, to where I am today.

    So… It’s our job here… To get you to experience things at least once.

    – > Just fix my #boutine
    – A TC2.0 trip
    – How > casein makes you feel (Can’t go wrong with vanilla)
    – Or > ingredient focused supplements

    For me… In S-curve world. Everyday is a new experience. Personally… Learning how to surf is the current goal. Which I still need to make happen this year.

    To conclude

    To constantly and consistently improve the S-curve experience for you, is the goal. So you’ll often see things being started and quitted on.

    What’s trending in S-curve world today?

    > S-curve bodyweight circuit shenanigans (Just remember… These videos are for fun and motivational  purposes. The stuff that actually ‘triggers’ solid results, is what you get as an active member, via your  member page).

    > Coming up for air  – Browse the recent posts on those accounts to see more.

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    Post From https://ifbb.com/mens-physique-world-cup-maximum-score-for-the-2019-world-ranking/

    The 2018 IFBB World Ranking will culminate with two Galas in Benidorm (Spain) and Bialystok (Poland), in which will be spread over $ 300,000 to the 10 best-ranked athletes of the season, in their respective Disciplines. Both events are in coincidence with the 2018 World Championships whose results give the maximum score (from 14 points for the winner till 2 points for the 10th place), which is decisive for the final result of the World Ranking.

    In Men’s Physique, there is an important novelty for this season: the 2018 World Cup to be held in Benidorm (November 9 to 11) will also bring the maximum score for the 2019 World Ranking! It will be the perfect way to stand out quickly in the 2019 World Ranking, after its beginning in the Diamond Cup in Rome (November 2-4).

    Therefore, 2018 Men’s Physique World Cup will deliver the following points for the 2019 World Ranking:

    Winner:     14 points
    2nd place: 12 points
    3rd place:    9 points
    4th place:    8 points
    5th place:    7 points
    6th place:    6 points
    7th place:    5 points
    8th place:   4 points
    9th place:   3 points
    10th place: 2 points

    El IFBB World Ranking 2018 culminará con sendas Galas en Benidorm (España) y Bialystok (Polonia), en las que se entregarán más de 300.000 $ a los 10 atletas mejor clasificados de la temporada en sus respectivas modalidades. Ambas citas coinciden con los Campeonatos del Mundo 2018, cuyos resultados otorgan la máxima puntuación de la temporada (desde 14 puntos para el campeón hasta 2 puntos para el 10º clasificado), determinante para el resultado del Ranking.

    En la categoría de Men´s Physique hay una importante novedad para esta temporada: la World Cup que se celebrará en Benidorm (9 al 11 Noviembre) también otorgará a los atletas la máxima puntuación para el World Ranking… de 2019! Será una manera de destacar rápidamente en el World Ranking 2019, tras su inicio en la Diamond Cup de Roma (2 al 4 Noviembre). 

    Por tanto, Men´s Physique World Cup 2018 entregarán los siguientes puntos para el World Ranking 2019:

    Vencedor: 14 puntos

    2ª plaza: 12 puntos

    3ª plaza:   9 puntos

    4ª plaza:   8 puntos

    5ª plaza:     7 puntos

    6ª plaza:   6 puntos

    7ª plaza:   5 puntos

    8ª plaza:   4 puntos

    9ª plaza:     3 puntos

    10ª plaza:   2 puntos


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  • Error with your booty discovered (Daily newsletter)

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/error-with-your-booty-discovered-daily-newsletter/

    Buzzers… Wednesday…

    Today… @ error with your booty…  Is another day of living a good #boutine for me. You can see what it looks like, from Monday to Thursday, if you follow the FB stories on the profile link at the end of every newsletter.

    It’s new day though. So let’s get into it…

    A continuation of that Q & A on Monday

    Another thing that came up in that convo…

    Is the fact that I can personally look at anyone, and give an exact time frame @ how long the results will take. So… We’re going to look at the ‘before’ pics, from the hall of frame archives… From specific body types.

    And then explain…

    #1 How long it will take to become at least 60% S-curvish

    #2 How we will approach… Turning that body type ‘S-curvish’

    Remember… In S-curve world. We make this process fun. Fun… Which kicks in at any time after the first 30


    This is where the Lifestyle and Results phase comes into play.

    Results phase = Faster results
    Lifestyle phase = Slower results

    So the time frame @ how long. Will always be between two dates. Like 1-3 months.

    Both phases are needed… In order to successfully stay on the wagon. Too much of one or the other… Is what will cause you to fall off.

    Let’s begin (All ‘before’ pics can be seen on the > stage 3 link via Morebuzz/Or hall of fame on the same page).

    #1 Angie (A lot of fat to lose)

    Noticeable results: 45-60 days
    At least 60% S-curvish: 9-12 months 

    In order of what we focus on, during that time period…

    – S-curve bodyweight circuits.

    – The protocol S-curve meal structure.

    – Eating S-curvishly… Decreasing the total calorie intake slightly.

    – Weighted S-curve bodyweight circuits.

    – Eating S-curvishly… Without increasing or decreasing the total calorie intake.

    – S-curve weightlifting workouts.

    #2 Vic (Lower belly focus) 

    Noticeable results: 7 days
    At least 60% S-curvish: 2-3 months 

    – Eating S-curvishly without increasing or decreasing the total calorie intake.

    – Weighted S-curve bodyweight circuits.

    – A focus on Tailored Daily Exercise videos, using effective lower belly exercises

    #3 Yani (A lot of weight to gain)

    Noticeable results: 14-28 days
    At least 60% S-curvish: 3-6 months 

    Eating S-curvishly… With a plan to greatly increasing the total daily calorie intake, over time – It’ll happen…

    As long as we focus on…

    – S-curve weightlifting workouts and strength and exercise progression module (99% of people do not put this to great use, when help isn’t present).

    #4 Pamela (Butt growth + Less fat)

    Noticeable butt results: 2-3 months
    At least 60% S-curvish: 3-6 months

    – Eating S-curvishly… With a plan to greatly increasing the total daily calorie intake, over time – It’ll happen… As long as we focus on…

    – S-curve weightlifting workouts and strength and exercise progression module (99% of people do not put this to great use, when help isn’t present).

    – A focus on TDE videos, using effective butt growth exercises.

    – A strong focus on the upper butt.

    To conclude 

    You’re seeing all of this… So that you can enrol yourself into S-curve membership. And NOT for me to enrol you.

    I’m just there to guide you through it and hand hold you along the way (Still my main role in S-curve world).

    Just remember the big picture goals @ highlighted in > yesterday’s newsletter.

    What’s trending in S-curve world today?

    – Becoming S-curvish + Shredding to smexy > shenanigans.

    – The S-curve = > The letter S

    – High quality > selfie sticks
     Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’

    Blueprint tips

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    Post From https://ifbb.com/diamond-cup-warsaw-fiwe-poland/

    Another great international challenge, in Europe, with 12 Elite Pro Cards and points for the 2018 World Ranking! 

    Poland is becoming an unquestionable leader in organizing prestige international competitions and the next coming 21st to 23rd September will host the IFBB Diamond Cup Warsaw Fiwe: the most important Bodybuilding & Fitness event, considering the possibility of scoring points for the  2018 IFBB World Ranking. 

    The event will take place, at the most popular Exhibition Hall in Warsaw –Expo XXI-, joining the 5th edition of FIWE Fitness Trade Show -the fastest growing Fitness expo in Eastern Europe- and open to all IFBB-affiliated National Federations worldwide. 

    The Diamond Cup Warsaw FIWE will offer 12 Elite Pro Cards, spread in the next Divisions:

    • BODYBUILDING (2 Pro Cards)
    • MEN’S PHYSIQUE (2 Pro Cards)
    • Junior MEN’S PHYSIQUE
    • BIKINI-FITNESS (2 Pro Cards)
    • BODYFITNESS (2 Pro Cards)

    More information and Inspection Report:




    La entrada DIAMOND CUP WARSAW FIWE (POLAND) se publicó primero en IFBB.


    Post From https://ifbb.com/bodybuilding-in-nepal-important-events-for-this-season/

    Bodybuilding is strong in Nepal – the millenary country with the highest mountains on Earth- led by the Nepalese Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (NFBF) chaired by Mr. Jones Colin Lokendra; always attending the main Asian and International IFBB events.

    Besides its own calendar where Nepal is living in 2075, right now; the NFBF is perfectly integrated into the IFBB and the Asian Federation (AFBF) calendar, hosting important events as the 2018 South Asian Championships that will be held coming next 23rd to 25th November in Kathmandu, the Nepal capital city.

    The national activity has been boosted, in this year, with important events as the recent 2018 Mr. Pokhara celebrated the weekend 3rd-4th August, in this touristic beautiful city, with near 100 athletes participating and where Monoj K.C. was elected as the overall winner in Bodybuilding. In less than 10 days, Nepal and the NFBF will host the 2nd. Nationwide Bodybuilding Championships, in Kathmandu (17th & 18th August) with a participation expected over 150 Nepalese athletes.

    Aghi badha, Nepal…! (Go ahead, Nepal!)


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