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  • It’s over

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/its-over-2/

    Buzzers… Friday…


    > visual conclusion to end yesterday’s newsletter @ just posted it.

    Second – What do you mean @ It’s over?

    Well… What I mean by that. Is that nothing stays the same for ever.

    – YOUR needs and wants change (Like on the S-curve age timeline).

    – The people around you change.

    – The ‘markets’ that you’re into, change.

    All sh*t just changes.

    And it’s no different here in S-curve world. And we’ve already seen some big shifts happen, year after year on here. Which you would have been a part of too, if you’re reading this.

    And since it’s #FBF today… Let’s look back at all the changes that have happened… And what’s to come.

    #1 We’re now an S-curve experience 

    It’s all happened organically @ this…

    Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

    And slowly butt surely (I had to get that pun in there)… All followers, FitBuzzers and S-curve members have accepted that @ it’s definitely more than just becoming S-curvish at this point.

    It just ‘starts’ there (I say this to everyone, that I meet @ the first time).

    #2 2011 S-curve program until now…It all started with No Nonsense Butt Building. Which was an ebook only set of workout routines, to help achieve what the title says.

    It soon got replaced by the Aphrodite Butt Building video program (Still the best ‘Becoming S-curvish’ routine). A program that was a part of a $200 ‘bundle’ of all the ‘then’ S-curve program’s, called Operation S-curve.

    That remained popular until 2014.

    That’s when we began our first $66 monthly program. Stages 1-4 on More buzz… Is a DEEP evolution of that.

    All of this has been documented daily via the RECAPO > newsletter archive. Every single day! (Take a look).

    #3 Changes on Morebuzz since 2015

    We used to place a ton of links in every newsletter that went out (Looked horrible). And each link represented something that we were into… Before calling that stuff, a part of today’s S-curve experience.

    But eventually… ‘One page’ had to get created for all of it. That’s what’s on More buzz.

    It’s the new business card website link, for everyone I show our Instagram to. And they ‘get it’ instantly.

    #4 No more hiding behind a computer screenYup…

    The internet is becoming a reflection of the offline world. Which also means you can’t pull old internet tricks on any one, anymore (At least not as easily).

    For us – Something like, fake scarcity.

    For you – Buy something and refund it instantly (Don’t do that with anything ‘today’… You’ll lose your money

    @ being old school internet shady).

    But in terms of anonymity… It no longer exists. Facebook started the death of anonymity in 2007. And it’s here to stay.

    So no longer can you be a weirdo behind a screen. Especially if you’re here to get real help. Which is also why we’ve been updating every moment @ life… LIVE, in the past few years. As stated earlier.

    #5 The crypto/blockchain world is upon us…

    You’ve seen me introduce ‘You can optional’ on stages 1-4 on More buzz. And it really is a very early adoption option, for everyday folks.

    But almost every industry in the world is about to be rocked by crypto and blockchain shenanigans. And I’ve been involved behind the scenes.

    So that’s my attempt to get you involved. If at least a little.

    And then even more so, as we start to see that stuff being used, in everyday life. Which would of course be evident within the S-curve experience. The first thing that comes to mind is Travel-curvish ‘use cases’.

    And on Stages 1-4 in some kinda way.


    If you’re a past FitBuzzer. Tell me what’s changed with YOU.If you’re new… Introduce yourself.

    Happy #TGIF.


    #1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Skype: chamileon857
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

  • Do You Lose Muscle If You Stop Working Out?

    Post From https://leehayward.com/blog/do-you-lose-muscle-if-you-stop-working-out/

    What Happens To Your Muscle When You Stop Working Out?

    Do you lose muscle?

    How long does it take to lose muscle after you stop lifting weights?

    These are some common questions that I get asked. And in this Ask Lee video Q and A Dav Harrison asks:

    Is it true that if you don’t use the muscle you lose it? I read this somewhere. I haven’t been to the gym in a while and I feel weaker and smaller. If I start working out again will I gain the muscle back quicker?

    Click PLAY To Get The Answer…

    Note: if you can’t watch the embedded video clip above,
    you can watch it right on my YouTube Channel by Clicking Here

    You will lose muscle if you stop working out. However, it’s not instant. It’s not like if you stop working out for a week you’re going to shrivel away to nothing. But if you let yourself go several weeks on end with no weight training then you will start to lose your muscle strength and fullness.

    If you don’t use it, you will lose it. You have to provide stress and demands on the muscle in order to give it a reason to grow bigger and stronger.

    However, the good news is that you can re-gain lost muscle quicker the second time around. This is what’s referred to as muscle memory. It’s easier and faster to re-build muscle that you had previously, then it is to build that muscle mass in the first place.

    So while it may have taken you a year or more to build up to a certain level of muscular development. You should be able to return to that level within several weeks of regular workouts in the gym.

    The main thing you need to focus on is being consistent with your workouts so that you make regular weight training a part of your lifestyle. And not get caught up in the whole working out on and off again pattern.

  • One Direction – Perfect (Official Video)

  • HELP, I Can’t Gain Muscle No Matter What I Do…

    Post From https://leehayward.com/blog/help-i-cant-gain-muscle-no-matter-what-i-do/

    I received this e-mail from a skinny hardgainer who says he’s tried everything, but still can’t build muscle…

    Hi Lee, I have followed you for a few years. I have attempted every possible avenue to improve my body and I have seen no change. I am 5’10” and weigh 140lbs. I have added calories, added weights and consumed a ton of protein. Still, no results. I have gained no muscle or mass of any kind. Is there any advice you could give? I have spent thousands on pills, shakes and powders. I have an entire gym in my basement. Should I give up or is there another option?

    Please Help!
    Desperate Fan

    You Are Your Own Worst Critic…

    When it comes to developing our body and seeing changes with building muscle, losing fat, etc… Very often we are our own worst critic and will discredit any progress that we make as “not good enough”.

    Even though you are not at the level you want to be in terms of muscle and strength development. I’m willing to bet that over the past few years you’ve been working out that you have made some progress.

    Making Progress

    For example, you can probably lift more now compared to when you did your very first weight training workout. And if you were to track your body composition in terms of bodyfat and lean muscle mass from when you first started to now, chances are you’d see some improvements in that area as well.

    Again, it’s probably not the life changing results that you were hoping for, but most likely there are some results non-the-less.

    Unless You’re A Genetic Freak, All Muscle Gains Are “Slow Gains”…

    Despite what the bodybuilding supplement ads and fitness media try to make you believe through exaggerated marketing hype – building a big muscular physique is a slow process.

    Unless you are a genetic freak, all muscle gains are slow gains. But slow gains made consistently over the long term will add up to real measurable progress.

    Most of the bodybuilders and physique athletes that you look up to and follow online through social media will have at least 10+ years of hard consistent training under their belt.

    For example, it’s quite common for a lot guys to start lifting in their mid teens. So by the time they are in their mid to late 20’s many of the more serious lifters will be looking big and jacked. If you want to achieve similar results, it’s going to take you at least a decade of training as well to build an impressive muscular physique.

    Lee Hayward's 20 year bodybuilding transformation

    It took me 17 years of training before I was able to win my first bodybuilding competition, and even that was just a small local level competition. The fact that you’ve been working out for a few years and are not looking huge and jacked yet, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing anything wrong. Most likely you just need to give yourself more time in order to develop your physique to it’s full potential.

    Don’t Get Suckered Into The Bodybuilding Supplement Hype…

    A lot of guys don’t fully understand how the process of building muscle in the real world works because they are constantly bombarded with all the bodybuilding and fitness media BS telling them that if they take this miracle supplement, or follow this special program, they can get huge and ripped in the matter of a few short weeks… But it doesn’t work that way.

    In virtually all cases, the fitness models and bodybuilders who are being paid to promote these supplements have been training for 10+ years in order to get to their current level of development. And ironically most of them built their physiques without even using the supplements that they are promoting.

    Just look at this advertisement for some bodybuilding supplements that were popular back in the 1990’s when I started training. As a gullible teenager I fell for all the marketing hype, but now I can see things for what they are and cut through the hype and BS…

    Note: the guys in this video were pro bodybuilders long before these particular supplements were even available on the market. So obviously the supplements weren’t the “secret” to their muscle building success.

    There’s More To Building Muscle Than Just Calories, Protein, and Lifting Weights…

    Another thing you need to consider when it comes to building a muscular physique is your overall lifestyle. There’s more to building muscle than just eating a lot of calories, drinking protein shakes, and lifting weights. Here’s some other things to consider…

    • Are you getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep per night?
    • Are you under a lot of stress from work, school, or family issues?
    • Do you drink alcohol, use recreational drugs, or any other substances or medications that could affect your metabolism, health and fitness?

    Even if you are following a proper bodybuilding program in terms of diet and training, outside factors like these can negatively impact your progress.

    It’s Not What You Know, But What You Do That Counts…

    One of things that I find is pretty common with a lot of people I coach is most of them “Know What To Do” in terms of diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc… But the biggest problem is they can’t get themselves to follow through and do what they know they should do consistently enough to make real change.

    They may have a good diet and workout program and follow it for a few weeks at a time. But then life gets in the way and something comes up (i.e. work, family issues, or other responsibilities) and they get off track, and before you know it they are back to square one starting all over again.

    With cases like this providing someone with a new diet, new workout, new supplement, or giving them a more demanding training program isn’t going to help. In fact, taking the opposite approach and focus on simplifying their program, mastering the basics, and gradually building in new positive habits into their routine is what often produces real lasting results.

    Become A Master Of The Basics…

    One of the key things that I’ve noticed over the past 27+ years I’ve been involved with bodybuilding, is that most advanced guys usually keep things very basic. More often than not their diets are not overly complicated, their workouts are quite simple, and most of them don’t use a lot of supplements, but rather just focus on eating natural unprocessed foods.

    But their “secret” that makes all the difference is they are masters of the basics. It’s more than just “knowing what to do” intellectually, but rather knowing it internally by living, breathing, and doing doing it – day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out, over the long term until one day they get to the point where other guys look at them with awe and ask “Dude, what workout are you following?” or “What supplements are you taking?” or “What’s your macro split?”

    It’s not that these things are not important, but most people miss the bigger picture of consistently doing the work year after year. Building muscle is not an overly complicated process, but it takes a lot more grit and effort than most people realize.

    Slow Progress Is Still Progress

    The part about bodybuilding that creates most of the confusion and unrealistic expectations is when greedy supplement companies distort reality so they can profit off people’s naivety. They will use photos of experienced bodybuilders, guys who have already been busting their ass in the gym for 10+ years. And try to sell you through clever marketing about how you can get similar results in less time if you only take what ever supplement they are selling… But it’s just a steaming crock of BS and the biggest cause of failure and disappointment among bodybuilding enthusiasts.

    Now I’m not saying that all supplements are worthless, but they aren’t nearly as good for building muscle as the supplement companies would like you to believe. In most cases you’d be better off saving your money. Spend it on real food instead and get proper coaching from someone who’s already done what you want to achieve and who can help guide you through the process as well.

    Would You Like Some Help With Your Muscle Building Program?

    If you’d like some help with reaching your personal fitness goals, then I invite you to join me for a Free 20-minute one-on-one phone call (or skype chat) where we can privately discuss your situation, your fitness goals, and the challenges that are holding you back. During our call you’ll get your questions answered and we’ll discuss some realistic strategies for how you can start making progress towards your muscle building and physique development goals.

    Click Here for more information and to book your free coaching call with Lee Hayward.

  • Let’s get back to blueprint (Video)

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/lets-get-back-to-blueprint-video/

    I mean…’basics’. Or do I? Anyway…

    Buzzers… TBT…

    So… It’s been quite a beastly week on this newsletter (And outside of it).

    First we had the bookmark worthy > Sun/Mon newsletters. And then the S-curve member shenanigans kicked into gear @ Kasandra.

    That’s been the vibe on here in the past few weeks.

    This stuff is happening… LIVE and in the moment. And it’s the 121 chats (Not coaching), that inspires the iterations to the existing stages that you can see on More buzz.

    And as you’ve seen… That led to the introduction of the > Spring season Results Phase. And yesterday’s

     > Spring season Stage 2.

    Again… They exist, because there are new or returning members on those as we speak.

    But today… It’s time to change up the flow and feed you with some…

    TBT reminder blueprint tips

    Because doing so… Is a part of the S-curve formula (Remember what I said yesterday about forgetting the formula and only remembering the ingredients?)

    So let’s get into it…

    #1 Eating ‘out’ S-curvishly after ‘results’
    – Pineapple boat with rice inside + various meat choppings (Thailand)
    – Tacos + dip
    – Chicken adobo (Phillippines)
    – Special or chicken fried rice (Chinese)That list is truly endless @ some faves of my own.

    We typically start to embrace this stuff more, when you’ve reached at least 60% S-curvish. And to definitely be embraced on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

    Which can be seen via the shenanigans album on my own profile and via the @fitbuzz Pinterest feed via More buzz.

    We don’t do much with recipes here. Just a focus on the ingredients, that fit into YOUR S-curve meal structure.

    So when eating out at restaurants… It’s…

    A) Eye up the restaurants food menu
    B) Subconsciously eye up the A-F rated foods in the meals listed (Your brain would be trained for this by

    C) Order… Based on how you feel
    D) Try something new… And take the meal ideas home with you :DThe foods above, are just from my own experiences.

    #2 > This super market video

    Like I said… We don’t focus on recipes too much. Because you’ll usually eat what you want.

    What we do… Is focus on the meal structure and ingredients.

    That way… You can easily identify the food types. Buy the right food types. And then eat them at the right times.

    99% of people screw up the nutrition part of becoming S-curvish though. Especially over the long term (A now solidified process @ stages 1-4). So expect that topic to be the bulk of the 121 coaching chats.

    #3 Have you found some food types that contain a super nutrient set up… But, end up not liking the

    taste of?

    Then blend it into a shake.

    The S-curve meal structure (Via More buzz top links) rules still apply though. So watch ALL of the ingredients that you add @ we don’t screw this up.

    I focused on nutrition… Because this is the area that you need the most help with. And it’s alway the area that we spend the most time on… Regardless of which iteration you become a member through.
    There’s a lot more that is covered during your time as a member. So ya… Today’s newsletter is all about getting you ready for that (And read Sunday’s newsletter again!).


    #1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on
    More buzz below).
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Skype: chamileon857
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  • Chris Heria VS Super Sergio – BAR WARS 2k16 #4

  • The Weeknd – Call Out My Name (Official Audio)



    Post From https://www.ifbb.com/meeting-with-odepa-panam-sports-at-sportaccord-congress-in-bangkok/

    The President of the Panam Sports (formerly Organización Deportiva Panamericana; ODEPA), Ing. Neven Ilic Alvarez and Dr. Rafael Santonja meets today in Bangkok, with occasion of the SportAccord World Congress 2018 where IFBB is participating.

    President Santonja took the opportunity to update Mr. Neven Ilic about the last news of our sport, in the American continent, and the the future participation of Bodybuilding at the coming next 18th Pan American Games “Lima 2019”, with the previous participation in the 11th South American Games “Cochabamba 2018”.

    The sport of Bodybuilding it´s recognized by Pan American Olympic Organization and, as well, is a member of ACODEPA (Association of Pan American Sport Confederations) where is represented by the Pan American Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (FPFF), chaired by Mr. Eduardo Abdalah.

    Picture: PANAM SPORTS President, Ing. Neven Ilic Alvarez with Dr. Rafael Santonja; at the IFBB both in SportAccord 2018 (Thailand).

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