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    Post From https://ifbb.com/warming-up-at-the-ifbb-russian-grand-prix/

    La entrada WARMING UP AT THE IFBB RUSSIAN GRAND PRIX se publicó primero en IFBB.


    Post From https://ifbb.com/the-venue-for-the-ifbb-world-cup-in-romania-is-ready/

    The IFBB World Cup event, open to all National Federations and the categories: Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Bodybuilding, Men’s Fitness, Games Classic Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Men’s Physique Muscular, Women’s Physique, Women’s Wellness, Women’s Bodyfitness, Women’s Bikini Fitness, Women Fitness…. will take place in Cluj Napoca, Romania, next November 23.


    The event will be organized by the Romanian Federation, presided by Gabriel Toncean, who has visited personally such a fantastic venue for this amazing event.


    Find out more information about the event in the Inspection Report: https://ifbb.com/wp-content/uploads/PDF/Inspection_Report_WorldCup_Romania_2018.pdf


    Don’t miss it!!

    La entrada THE VENUE FOR THE IFBB WORLD CUP IN ROMANIA IS READY! se publicó primero en IFBB.

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  • Shots fired… (Daily newsletter update via @fitbuzz)

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/shots-fired-daily-newsletter-update-via-fitbuzz/

    Buzzers… #TBT…

    I’m going to get into some ‘actionable’ S-curve blueprint tips today. Since a lot or our time on here…

    Has been spent on educating you, on where things are headed… Here in S-curve world.

    Remember though… Because of all this mass content that needs to be covered. We now have the > premium newsletter.


    #1 Digests everything for you. In one big weekly update (In digestible segments).

    #2 Contains more newsletter content (Since it’s impossible to cover it all, over 7 days @ 600 words max ‘daily’ + Relative website links)… Than that of this free daily newsletter.

    This free newsletter… Which itself… Serves more important purposes, than just being a newsletter.

    That might be a better or additional option, to becoming an official S-curve member for 1-3 months.

    Which is mostly for those who have been a member in the past.



    Buzzcoin stuff

    For most of you that are interested in the income side of things over there.

    In the beginning. It’s all about learning and being prepared. Because it’ll be too late to ‘get ready’. When the market moves upwards.

    It’s just like becoming S-curvish. You have to lay the foundation first. Before the real results kick in.

    Which is why the > Hallow-curvish theme got launched early – With the next theme coming in…

    Right after Thanksgiving/Christmas. Although I’ve started re-talking about that theme already @ therapy/mindset/mental fixing.

    These early launches… Are a signal to you. For you to be prepared, ahead of time.

    Every year… I make predictions, ahead of future events. And for the past few years. I’ve been right, every time.

    So in the name of preparation. For now @ Buzzcoin… You just need to sign up on these two websites.

    > One
    > Two
    Which is also a free way, to start as a member, by doing so! (You’ll need to direct message once you’ve signed up).

    S-curve member partner program stuff

    This is the next logical step for some S-curve members.

    And it makes sense. Because you would have already invested a lot of your time with the S-curve formula.

    And if your life has changed for the better, because of it. Why not teach it to the people that were constantly asking you ‘What did you do… How did you do it’? @ your body/mindset change that they witnessed.

    This requires 121 FB Messenger coaching of course. And > this is one tool and page you’ll need/to bookmark.

    Which you’ll also be taught to use, to it’s full potential. And if you’re a business owner (At any level).

    All the hard work has been done for you, from tons of experience @ years past. So just follow my lead.


    Quick fire blueprint tips 

    #1 No D-F rated foods or fruit, 3-4 hours before you sleep (At any time of the day).

    #2 You don’t always need to do complete workouts. Use the Tailored Daily Exercise video or Shorts splits routine (Stuff you see on your member page).

    The videos that you see in > What’s trending. That’s there to motivate you… In loads of small doses @ what I said in yesterday’s newsletter (Archive is on Morebuzz).

    #3 Specific supplements do help for most people. Especially since most folks are busy here (The main reason why the S-curve formula is structured the way it is @ mobile phone and internet connection is all what’s needed).

    This means getting results, with less effort required. So stuff like > Lean bean and proteins > like this are handy to have in your kitchen. To boost the effectiveness of YOUR S-curve meal structure!

    ‘Specific’ is the key word here.

    Head over to FB Messenger to talk with me. On my profile or the FB page.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

  • The reason why you DON’T need extra motivation

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/the-reason-why-you-dont-need-extra-motivation/

    Buzzers… Humpday… The reason why you DON’T need extra motivation. It’s another day. But here… That’s another day, in S-curve world.

    I’ll dig into what I mean by that in a sec. But first. Just a recap of what’s going on at present..


    #1 > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday

    That may or may not mean sh*t to you. And the theme will change after these 2 events are over.

    And if it doesn’t mean sh*t to you. Then > FB Messenger and tailored Paypal payment links is where you really need to be anyway.


    #2 > Premium newsletter 

    Not important to all. But it is, for those who requested for this to exist…

    **Stop! Il continue with what’s going on, shortly (You’ll see why)**

    I give you vision 

    Think about why you read this newsletter.

    I can tell you why… Since they’ve been going out daily, for > 9 years.

    – Offers solutions to your problems
    – To find someone/something to trust in
    – Entertainment
    – Education
    – Motivation

    Let’s talk about ‘motivation’ 

    It’s all good and great. It gives a > feeling.

    It also encourages you to become a member. Which benefits YOU… Waaay more than for what that does for @fitbuzz.

    I’ve seen the outcome too many time, to know that’s the truth.

    However… Motivation is temporary. And on top of that. You need consistent doses of it, in order for it to be useful.

    That’s partly why a long term process exists behind the scenes @ fixing your body/mind/lifestyle.

    What’s more important… Is that you are given the tools to start succeeding on your own. In other areas of your life too.

    That is why we’ve become an S-curve experience. Because that allows you to become a part of something.

    Everyday… You wake up. And you know where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing (And to keep embracing that mindset, in all areas of your life).

    Purpose… Clarity… And all that good stuff.

    That’s also why you’re seeing…


    **What’s going on right now (Continued)**


    #3 The S-curve Member Partner Program (Info available only via Messenger)

    … Because we’ve been doing this S-curve ish for a while now… And a lot of people have been following for a lot of years.

    Many of whom, became members at some stage.

    So it’s time to evolve their status. As they are qualified to do what I started to do with them.

    If that sounds like something for you, that you could be doing. Then become a member by ‘starting’

    @ Hallow-curvish/Tailored Paypal link.

    If you’re a past member. Just jump into FB Messenger. We’ll talk it out there.

    All of that ‘togetherness activity’ increases engagement and gives you vision.


    #4 > Buzzcoin

    The same as above. The key thing here. Is that we’re working together @ moving your money forward/upwards (It also kills that vibe that we’re possibly just trying to drain your bank account @ becoming a member. Because of course… Our long term vision is much bigger than something silly like that).

    And embracing the future developments of the world, together. Whilst applying those things to the

    S-curve experience. Like blockchain > Tavel-curvish shenanigans.

    #5 Future local events 

    It has to be this way… Due to our global reach.

    A lot of you on here, treat all of this, as if it’s happening on one continent. Which makes sense today.

    But to make all of what you see here… A reality ‘offline’. We’ll have to come together at different intervals.

    In different countries.


    To conclude

    No conclusion really. I’ve said what needs to be said.

    Just remember… ‘Trust’ is important. And it does take time to build. But you’re also getting old.

    So don’t waste time.

    Today’s the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again.


    What’s trending?

    > Plant protein (Ingredient focused as usual… Remember… If the ingredients match YOUR S-curve meal structure… You buy and try).

    Want to talk? Head over to FB Messenger.


    #1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

  • How To Do Barbell Thrusters | Exercise Guide

  • The long term solution for your ADD problem

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/the-long-term-solution-for-your-add-problem/

    Buzzers… The long term solution for your ADD problem.Yup… I said it in 2005. When the world was confused @ what the internet was doing to the world.

    That was my student/’eBay business’ days. Even my tutors were confused. Especially since I was travelling around the world, more than they were.

    But today… Here we are.

    The internet is starting to reflect real offline life, more and more.

    That’s what I said then. And when you look around. That’s what you can see @ the masses… Talking and acting… The way that they do offline.

    Yes… There’s still that element of internet mystery going on. And some folks are still ‘keyboard warriors’.

    But folks are used to seeing ‘internet’ stuff now. And any sign of scammy BS… Will kill all trust levels in an instant.

    Fortunately for us… I’ve personally been connecting with all of you for years!

    – Iris
    – Monica
    – Sharon
    – Monique
    – Zen

    And way too many more (500-1000 more who became ‘close’) to mention.

    New people are seeing these interactions on our social profiles. And tagging along because of it.

    Especially since a lot of those names above… Are past members. Whose > progress pics or stories are in the photo albums.

    So… Let’s make one thing clear…

    Everything you see here. Is THE S-curve experience. It’s how WE choose to live life.

    You’ll see the social media posts. This newsletter. And if you feel it… Then you ‘get it’. Tis OUR world.


    Increase the injection dosage

    Forget about becoming an S-curve member. I might even stop using that term soon. Because it’s more about becoming a part of (And embracing) the experience.

    Because that’s what’s actually happening.

    The ‘member part’ of it. Is just a part of the experience.

    It looks like this @ experience…

    #1 FB Messenger chat.

    #3 Follow your first ever LIVE member page update.
    #4 Go about your business @ daily life.
    #5 Read a daily (Or > premium) newsletter. At which point ‘something’ you read on this day… relates.
    #6 You see some social media posts that relate to you.
    #7 You wake up one morning… Feeling more motivated than usual.
    #8 You direct message in Messenger, about what you’re feeling.
    #9 You use examples from what you’ve been seeing in social.. And around your people.
    #10 It could be something like ‘I was being a stubborn idiot with what was be taught to me, by you…
    At the beginning. Can we get serious again with it now?’

    And then… You get hit with another dose. Something like a tailored 2 month plan @ whatever that issue is.

    And after those 2 months are up… It’s (improved) life as usual. And that cycle repeats (At least some variation of it).

    It’s a big ol’ > Therapy session. More so today, than ever before.

    What people say in those chats 

    – I’m depressed
    – I’m fat… But just wanted to choose the right person to work with
    – Some other ‘feeling’

    Somewhere down the line, over time… You’ll request help with something else.

    It could be anything > S-curve experience related.

    Like looking for more info about a TC2.0 trip > that was posted.

    About a > supplement or something you’ve seem via our > Amazon page (All listed items outside of

    ‘What’s trending?’, have been personally used at some point over the past 9 years… Which is why they’ve ended up there).

    To conclude 

    If results is what you NEED. Understand… That you’re going to have to go long term. There’s no way around that.

    But our job here… Is to guide you through that process. A process that has evolved, compared to how we used to do it 2-3 years ago.

    Right now… It begins @

    > Hallow-curvish
    > Premium newsletter

    Reply via Messenger.

    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls


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  • How to get therapy from someone who is NOT a Doctor

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/how-to-get-therapy-from-someone-who-is-not-a-doctor/

    ”I need a doc-tor, to check… My… My, brain” (It’s a song that I grew up listening to) 😀

    Buzzers… How to get therapy… It was another day in ‘the hub’ for me. And to meet (At least) one new person everyday, has been the goal.

    A lot of you are in the US and Europe. But there is a large army outside of these regions of the world. That are screaming for help.

    And of course… They need the ‘right person(s)’… ‘For them’ to get help from.

    That’s also a great opportunity for you, as a past or even active member. To teach the international newcomers. Via the S-curve Member Partner Program.

    Which is also another great reason to get in as a member. For at least 1-3 months.

    Because that’s the easiest way to become an effective partner.

    Because you’ll be just like ME. Teaching the S-curve formula. Whilst using it on yourself. Every single day.

    It’s pretty hard NOT to be genuine once you’re in this position.

    Here’s the two things that you would show any new potential S-curve members….

    > The premium newsletter 

    – Some people want ‘digestible’.

    – Some past members are self sufficient and/or prefer ‘more newsletter’ @ A consistent dosage of constant + deeper level help/S-curve experience shenanigans into the inbox… To keep them on the wagon, when on the move.


    > Hallow-curvish

    – Because it’s the right season for it. A program will always be launched, for the seasons that we typically go through over the long term.

    – Nutrition focused… Because of the season again. And because this is the area where I know you ‘100%’ need help with.

    And because it’s different for every single person. Guaranteed!

    If you’re after ‘maximum value obtained’. Then waist no time (Pun intended) at that ‘countdown to

    Halloween’ clock, on the page.

    If you’re not after that… Ignore it. You’ll get 3-4 weeks out of it. Instead of 4-7 weeks.


    To conclude 

    When you talk to people that need help. What they’re really asking for… Is > therapy.

    It was around 2015… When I stated that the S-curve formulas focus, was 40% workout/nutrition focused. And 60% mindset and mental game focused.

    And today… That number has probably surpassed 60%.

    So the next title iteration, after the Hallow-curvish/Black Friday period is over. Might be something like…

    ”…The funk is wrong with my brain (Fix it please)”
    – ‘Funk’ meaning ‘fcuk’… Of course…

    Or something wild like that, as always.

    But yes… It’s all mindset and mental fixing, as the focus in 2018. It always has been. It’s just that the issue is truly coming to light now.

    Just take a look through the issues that are discussed, on the > hall of fame page 121 chat screen shots.

    So… if you’re not ready to be a partner (yet). Reply via Messenger and let me know how your brain is fudging up your life today.

    What’s trending?

    > Food shopping S-curvishly

    > New plates… @ all those foodstagram pics (Don’t buy ’em… Just eye them up for ideas)

    > S-curve experience workout shenanigans

    > Sorry… But not forever… Since you’ll be fixed.

    #1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
    #2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls


    Post From https://ifbb.com/ifbb-diamond-cup-series-keeps-growing/

    The IFBB has a very busy agenda full of events. Competitions that are exceeding the expectations and full of success as The Arnold Classic Europe in Spain, the Nordic Cup in Finland and many others

    This past weekend the IFBB had had three Diamond Cups in Mumbai (India), in Tehran (Iran) and in Skopje (Macedonia), amongst others.

    The IFBB Diamond Cup series has become the most popular contests, including elite ranking points and the precious IFBB Elite pro cards, that open the door to professional events organized in the five continents.

    La entrada IFBB DIAMOND CUP SERIES KEEPS GROWING se publicó primero en IFBB.

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