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  • Want a slice of buttplan pie?

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    Buzzers… Thursday…

    I talked about ‘planning’ briefly on here recently. And there are many different ways you can do it. Depending on the factors that surround your life.

    We’ve talked about nutrition and workouts this week. So let’s dig into what planning looks like on here. Since there’s a good chance that YOU might become a member within the next 4 weeks.


    To improve the way you’re currently doing things in your life…

    That’s what we do here.

    Tis the S-curve experience…

    Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

    I know you love every part of that. And I do too.

    Which means… You won’t need to start to ‘get ready’ to do anything new, wether you become a member or not.

    That FitBuzzers… Is they key to staying on the wagon!

    Because everything we do here, is what you’d be doing anyway. Again… All in an improved way.

    Fixing your daily life shenanigans…

    I have conversations with people every day. And yesterday… I had an hour long convo with one of the guards in the condo that I’m currently staying in, who also follows on Facebook.

    He’s now in the lifestyle. It’s rubbed off on him. I’m sure he’s got his wife into it too (I did say that the men have re-entered @ back story > original goals).

    He works long hours and has 3 kids. One of the struggles he faces, is keeping to a daily routine. Especially with nutrition @ body looks good, but fat sits on his lower gut.

    It’s a big problem and it’s really hard to do. Especially without outside help.

    So one of the first things we fix. Is sorting out your daily shenanigans, into something you can

    stick to.

    Here’s mine….

    – Breakfast

    – Lunch
    – Workout
    – 2 x Dinners
    I work, chill or sleep in-between each one. Simple… And only changes slightly around TC2.0


    Following that…

    We then look at what events you have coming up within the next year.

    Once we know what’s ahead, we then start working through 4-6 week phases. Especially in the first 6 months @ strictly.

    #1 Because shorter long term goals are easier to achieve and gauge.

    #2 Because the S-curve formula is built, so that you achieve things within 1-3 month time periods.  Just like semesters at university.

    And the results overall… In all areas are guaranteed because of today’s tech.

    – Member pages that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

    – Access to coaching chats 24/7.

    – Access to food (Order online at any time if you can’t go physically).

    – 24 hour gyms and coupon sites/apps that allow you to walk into almost any gym @ pay and go.

    Room for flexibility

    Yup… We definitely need that. Since we can’t see entirely into the future.

    Which is why we have things like…

    – Manual payments @ invoices
    – > These scenarios

    The most important thing, is that you start on the right path. And to continue you on it, for the rest of your life.

    Yup @ life!

    Because again… We’re here to improve what you already like to do. Nothing is off limits.

    So if you want to pee off at any one time, go and do… Ummm… Mud runs or marathons. Then you go and do that.

    You just get advice on how ‘what you like to do’, will affect you. Usually physically.


    Like I said at the start. Planning is key. And there’s different ways to approach it, based on what you want to achieve in your life.

    The above, is what has been working great here. So we’ll continue to do that. And to evolve on what’s in place.


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  • Heavy Grippers Christmas Sale!

    Post From http://leehayward.com/blog/heavy-grippers-christmas-sale/

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Fitness Enthusiast on your list…

    How about getting them a set of Heavy Duty hand grippers?

    The Heavy Grips Hand Gripper series was developed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level.

    Whether you’re just looking for a single Heavy Gripper as stocking stuffer – OR – getting the entire set of 6 Heavy Grippers as big package gift for under the tree… They make the perfect gift!

    Build A Strong Crushing Grip & Ripped Muscular Forearms

    The Heavy Grips Hand Gripper series was developed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level. These heavy-duty hand grippers allow you to train your grip and actually gain strength using low repetitions instead of doing endless reps with plastic handled department store hand grippers.

    Heavy Grips Christmas Special
    *Lowest Price Sale!*

    The Heavy Grips come in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 350 pound strength grippers.
    They allow you to train with Progressive Overload and Build Strong Crushing Grip Strength!

    All 6 Gripper Special

    Order 1 Heavy Grips Gripper: $19.95 Now Only $15

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    All 6 Heavy Grips Hand Grippers
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    Heavy Grips are ideal for anyone who lifts weights and needs a strong grip such as:

    • Police, Firefighters, Military, Security, and anyone who has a physically demanding job.
    • They are great for athletes like wrestlers and martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and other grappling arts.
    • Other sports that can benefit from Heavy Grippers include: rock climbing, gymnastics, tennis, racquetball, archery, etc.
    • Even musicians like guitarists, pianists, and drummers can benefit from having extra hand and grip strength.

    Order Now & Get Them For Christmas!

    From now until December 13, 2017 you can order the Heavy Grips Hand Grippers at this Special Low Price & get them in time for Christmas!
    Note: the order by Dec. 13 and get them in time for Christmas applies to USA orders only.
    International orders usually take longer to arrive due to customs so we can’t guarantee delivery by Christmas day.

    Order Now & Get 2 Bonus e-Books for FREE!
    *Note: These training programs are e-book digital downloads,
    you’ll get instant access to them after you place your order.

    Not Sure What Strength Of Gripper To Get?
    Check out our gripper guide below…

    HG 100 “Beginner” – At the first squeeze, the HG100 may not seem to be much tougher than a store-bought plastic hand-gripper, but it’s smooth action and aggressive knurled grip can be deceiving. The “Beginner” is perfect for consumers beginning their ‘grip training’ as well as younger athletes, female athletes, athletes with small hands and warm-ups for stronger athletes.

    HG 150 “Intermediate” – Consumers that have a fairly strong grip can usually squeeze out a few reps with the HG150, but it can be difficult for females and younger athletes although those athletes can easily work up to the HG150 in a short time with consistent training. Most athletes with consistent HG training will find that the HG150 only provides resistance for 3 to 15 reps for 2 to 6 weeks and they are ready to step up to the HG200 or beyond because the hand responds so well to resistance training with low repetitions.

    HG 200 “Advanced” – The HG200 is the level that even athletes with a naturally strong grip may have trouble closing. Athletes with advanced grip training will not have too much trouble with the HG200, but those with no grip training experience will most likely find it very difficult to close the HG200 at the beginning of their training. When you are closing the HG200 for reps, your performance for any sport using your hands will be greatly enhanced.

    HG 250 “Professional” – When you are closing the HG250 for reps, you will have to be very careful when shaking people’s hand! If you can close the HG250 once, your hand strength is well beyond the average athlete. Usually only athletes with a hardcore grip training regimen and people who do heavy work with their hands can close the HG250 on their first attempt. Just because you have lifted weights for a few years, don’t assume that you will be able to close a HG250. It’s much harder than it looks!

    HG 300 “The Gripper King” – Although there are well over 50,000 HG300’s on the market, we estimate that there are less than 1000 athletes world-wide that can do reps with this hand grip although most male athletes (and there have been a couple of women) with an average-sized hand can build up their hand-strength to close a HG300 for at least one rep if they train regularly with the Heavy Grips. The key to closing the HG300 is consistency with your hand-strength training and avoiding over-training (Don’t train with your HG’s more than twice per week or when your hand is still sore from your last workout)

    HG350 “The Grip Monster” – The newest addition to the Heavy Grip line-up! The HG 350 came at the request of some very strong athletes who complained that the HG300 was not “tough enough!” Although there have been some very strong athletes doing reps with the HG300, we haven’t had anyone tell us that the HG350 was too easy! If you can close the HG350, your hand strength is definitely ‘world-class’.

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    Heavy Grips hand gripper Christmas Special

  • Eat whatever the fudge you want (Year 2023?)

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/eat-whatever-the-fudge-you-want-year-2023/


    Year 2017 – Week 49 – Day 2 – Let’s get into it


    Important note: @ Come back to this at the end of the newsletter: The magic exists in the ingredients. It’s not always possible to verify what is exactly inside any one food product (Which is why we focus on higher end supps and why we only introduce them a couple of times a year when we find them).

    This WILL change in 2018 and beyond, in a big way. So stay tuned to learn why!


    It’s common knowledge on here. That you can still do exactly what you currently enjoy doing in your life @ food and activities, when you become an official member @ any of the 4 stages.

    Because we’ve figured out ways to structure ‘whatever it is you currently do’ into a long term plan. Which you now know is more officially flexible, as we head into 2018.

    But… I can almost guarantee that you are screwing up the nutrition side of things.

    A) Probably trying many random different approaches for too short of a time period.

    B) Are very busy and starting to fail, the more you try to do things on your own (I am of course, a part of the S-curve formula’s creation. So I personally don’t need help in that area. But I’m busy too. So I get someone else to prepare my own meals).

    So today…

    I’m going to give you a pre-stage 3 blueprint to-do-list, to put you on the right path.

    Remember… This is just protocol stuff. It will be different for everyone. As no one lives the same life or eats the exact same things. Which is why we tailor, do 121 coaching chats and LIVE update member page shenanigans.

    #1 > This page … Straight from More buzz.

    #2 > This food list.

    All ‘food’ S-curve blueprint tips

    – Protein is higher than other similar food variations?
    – Carbs are higher than other similar food variations?
    – Saturated fat (Or fat overall) is zero?
    – Fat is high in mono/poly, yet zero in saturated?
    – Certain vitamins and minerals are present in high numbers?
    – Fiber is higher than usual? (Like purple/black rice)

    If any of the above are true… Then you buy and try. There’ll be a place for it to go within the
    S-curve meal structure.

    But don’t keep on munching on the food if you don’t like the taste.

    For example
    Muesli is a great cereal to try with new S-curve members who previously didn’t vary their meals. But it isn’t the most fun to eat. Granola would be the better option.

    We do the same thing with supplements (See > Instant Knockouts ingredients section).
    We like to test things out in general. Because that’s what has helped us improve the S-curve formula
    over the past few years.

    However… When it comes to supplements, the only ones that truly help long term, are whey and casein. That’s it. Everything else is extra (This will change ‘for sure’ soon though @ today’s important note).

    You don’t need to taste them either, because they’re usually added to the S-curve meals. But they really do

    #4 Good fats… The easiest way to keep the daily intake below 100 or 50 grams… Is to simply eat smaller portions of fat. Which basically means to eat seeds and nuts instead of egg yolk. Or just ‘less of’ the larger portion ‘good fat’ foods.

    The usual daily fat intake is approx 40 grams, for all body types. As I re-highlighted last week.
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  • Bodybuilding motivation – Without Fear

  • Suspicious activity detected on your account

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/suspicious-activity-detected-on-your-account/

    Buzzers… Monday…

    It’s a new week… So let’s get into it…

    Recently…. I shared a > sequel to our back story (Link at the top of ‘More buzz’).

    You can see all the changes that occurred in our world. And a lot of the time… The changes are instigated by the things that are changing in the ‘real life’ offline world (Online isn’t 100% real… Yet).

    And the biggest change of all… That I started to predict back in 2005. Is that the internet world would soon reflect what goes on in the offline world, entirely.

    Which means… It’s become easier to detect the frauds of this world. It’s harder for them to hide.

    This is great for all of us on here. On your part… Due diligence has become easier.

    Like in the real world… To really learn about a persons/entities real character. You just have to watch them over a period of time. Usually any time after 3 months.

    If their behavior remains intact after that time. Then there’s usually no reason to start waving a red flag.

    For us… We already know we have no red flag behavior.

    We went totally LIVE in the past 2 years.

    Every FitBuzzer > turned S-curve member, can be seen liking or commenting on my own FB profile. As I get everyone to add ME. And we are proactive and not reactive, to change.

    In S-curve world…

    – Creating stage 4 in 2016… Which stage 3 members started to embrace in 2017.

    – To start focusing on an S-curve experience as a whole. Because no ones life here, is dominated by gym, muscles and supplements. It’s just a ‘part’ of your journey in this thing we call life.


    – Watch ones LIVE behavior
    – Watch what people do and not what they say

    Do this is all areas of your life. And I can guarantee that you’ll live happily. With a ton of positive energy flowing around you. Which means you’ll start winning in more areas of your life.

    Let’s ‘practical’ S-curve blueprint tip

    #1 This is what the S-curve lifestyle looks like…

    > Become S-curvish ‘properly’ (Aka ‘high end’).

    > Create a ton of positivity around your friends and family because of it.

    > Enjoy your new found self in ‘every’, out fit and in every destination.

    > Enjoy keeping it… With your new approach to eating and working out (You’ll know exactly what this looks like by stage 4).

    Everything that’s needed to make it all happen, can be found on > More buzz.

    If that sounds good to you. And if your life currently doesn’t look like that… Then waste no time. Start!

    #2 Embrace goals… Fxxx resolutions. The 100% ‘no fail’ way to do this in S-curve world. Is by becoming a member and living through the 4-6 week plans that we work through.

    #3 Use the mirror and the ‘vision’ of the people around you, to gauge your physical progress. Not the scale.

    #4 Food variations are king, when it comes to nutrition shenanigans in S-curve world. And the list is endless. Which is one reason why we created a new official foods list this year (Which I predict will become a ‘thing’ within the next year).

    We also like to have fun with it. Especially towards stage 4.

    Enter: Pomelo and salt as a dip. Give that a try @ breakfast + cheat snacking.

    #5 There really is no need to figure anything out on here. Just ‘do’ what’s given to you. Remember what I said last week about over complicating things? Yea… Stop doing that. Spend that time living it up @ S-curve experience.

    Message first. Reply second. And More buzz for everything else.

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  • How To Build Your Muscles Naturally

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/how-to-build-your-muscles-naturally/

    Having well-built muscles can be great for a guy. It is possible to gain muscles without the use of steroids. However, natural muscle building is a bit challenging; it needs a serious commitment to nutrition and training. One has to take time to consistently maintain a healthy diet with the right nutrients and keep doing the right exercises.

    The following are ways you can use to naturally build your muscles.

    Intake of Muscle Building Foods

    The food you eat always has a great impact on your body. Therefore, consuming the right diet plays a major role in building up of natural muscles. Identify nutrients found in various foods and their impact on your body. For example, fermented dairy products contain probiotics that help in fast break down of nutrients and calories. Eggs have cholesterol that aids in muscle building. Once you identify foods that will generate muscle growth, then you will increase their intake for a quick result.

    Consult a Specialist

    Exercising on your own may not always give you the desired outcome. At times, it’s good to build muscle will help of a professional because they not only offer guidance but also, they have experience of what works and what doesn’t and how long it takes. A specialist guides you on how to increase your muscle tone through endurance and strength training. Moreover, it will help you be more committed in the muscle building exercise, for instance, if you have an appointment with an exercise instructor on certain days you will work on keeping time and showing up as expected.

    Ensure you are Hydrated

    It’s good to consume enough water especially when you are exercising. When the body is dehydrated the body muscles suffer. Moreover, water is very beneficial because it provides lubrication between joints, digestion, and absorption of nutrients; regu>ate body temperature and keeps the energy level up during exercises.

    Eat more than Normal Everyday

    General food intake determines widely on the entire body size. If you normally take three meals in a day, add two or double it to six. Eating more has to be accompanied by exercising more. This doesn’t only increase the body’s metabolism but also keeps you from gaining fat. Moreover, the human body uses food to recover muscles and fuel workouts. This means that body muscles can’t grow if there is inadequate food. Normally, men need at least 3000 calories per day to build muscles. Skinny guys will require more since they have a higher metabolism.

    In conclusion, it’s possible to build up body muscles naturally if you follow the right procedures. The key solution to muscle building is diet and exercises. Furthermore, a specialist is required who will guide you on the proper channel to use so to successfully meet your goal. There is no need of using supplements which can be unhealthy if not taken as required, instead identify what your body muscles naturally requires and focus on it. Be patient, body muscle building takes time. Also be consistent with the chosen natural method you opt to use so as to achieve quick results.

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