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  • The ‘bug’ will slap your butt around today

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/the-bug-will-slap-your-butt-around-today/

    Let’s start the slapping…

    Ok… So we all know that we’re living through an ‘experience’ here, in today’s S-curve world.

    And it’s been a cool journey, progressing to where we are right now, over the past 12 months.

    But I have some words for ‘some’ brand new and returning members who haven’t quite been following

    along. Which is something you can’t afford to do in today’s fast paced world @ most info that you  consume.

    Note: Long term current members… Ignore the following.

    Your words @ brand new and returning members:

    I’m ready to start…
    – I can do 3 workouts a week
    – Is there a menu?
    – Is there this… That…


    You’re thinking like loser. Even if you don’t realise it. That kind of approach, is for those who like to fail on

    cheap generic ‘fitness program’s’.

    It’s time for you to upgrade from that state of mind and to turn you into a premium lady.


    > These are the questions that you’ll answer.

    Answering those, helps us to understand your current day life… Things that caused you to slip and and how we can fix things for the future.


    Nothing is static… Everything is LIVE. So imagine me, standing in front of you, getting your mindset and body right, every single day without fail.

    Well… That’s what’s going to happen. > Like this… But instead, via FB messenger, recorded videos and LIVE video/audio chats.

    You just need to DO… What’s thrown at you.

    It’s a complete formula that we work through together, over the long term (Aka the S-curve formula).

    That involves…

    – Various structured nutrition related stuff
    – Various structured workout related stuff
    – Mindset management
    – On-going121 coaching
    – Hissy fit management

    It never is just ‘one thing’ that will fix YOU. It’s a combination of many things that we use over


    I walked you through what that looks like in > this newsletter.


    Earlier… I said that things move and change at ‘pace’. Nothing stays the same. Evolution is mandatory.

    And the way that we communicate via today’s tech, is very different than 5-10 years ago.

    Everything is now LIVE.

    So if you were ever acting like a fool behind a computer screen, way back when.

    Then… That won’t work for you any more. You’ll just embarrass yourself and you will get called out

    on your retarded behaviour. Just like you would @ face to face communication.
    And… Remember > yesterday’s newsletter?

    I can tell you with 100% certainty… That the reason > these ladies, followed by > these ladies succeeded

    is because they let themselves be students to the premium level s*** that the S-curve formula throws at you.

    A few of them were a pain in the butt (pun intended) to teach in the beginning. Because of their old ways.

    But one year later… They now have their own S-curve member story + Life, mindset and body totally changed @ Success.
    That… Is > why WE are here today!

    So forget about everything that you’ve done before (Which always lead to failing). And let yourself be taught.

    Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Skype: chamileon857
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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  • They have a problem…

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/they-have-a-problem/

    So… The ‘meeting up’ with folks happened again last night.

    This happens casually @ S-curve lifestyle shenanigans (Evenings). And formally, about once a month.

    And you already know that they’re great hangout spots, in the city. Pics will come soon, since they paint the story that’s being told here.

    Some new FitBuzzers have entered the universe…

    And I can ways tell who they are going to be, early on during any one conversation.

    The S-curve formula is what is, because of being so deeply invested into YOUR daily lives. And after talking with the ‘interested’ folks… The problem that they have, is that they don’t know where to start.

    Or if they start ‘something’, they’re usually clueless on how to continue.

    With that being said… Let me walk you through what the protocol long term plan looks like (It will change… As we can’t predict what all future events will look like).

    Month #1

    It’ll be a > results phase. Always.

    We’ve all done this enough times now, to know that it must be. And you’ll know this, if you’re a recent new member. As you have felt the S-curve formula kick into gear, by weeks 2-3.

    Months #2-3

    Might still be a results phase. But we’ll usually end up falling into a lifestyle phase during this period.

    Because you’ll want to get back to some normal life shenanigans at some point. Too much of any one thing is never good. Which is one reason why we have the 2 phases.

    Months #3-8

    So… You’ve experienced some ‘noticeable’ results. And you’re well into the groove of how we get things done here.

    But… At this point… You’re now addicted to wanting to see constant improvements.

    However… The speed at which we see the ‘physical’ changes, will slow down. How much, depends on what your current body looks like.

    This is called the grind stage. And it’s when you throw hissy fits and start to fall off (When working with out ‘help’).

    This is where the 121 chats come in to save the day. So we’ll usually shift between results and lifestyle  phases during this period.

    It’s where the heart of the S-curve formula strutts it’s stuff.

    – Via tweaks (We even have a complete ‘much needed’ program for this now)
    – Strength/Exercise progression
    – Advanced nutrition focus

    You won’t succeed without that stuff. Not at the speed that I know you would like to.

    This is when we take you to 70% S-curvish levels.

    And the faster you get there, the faster you can focus on keeping it.

    Months #? and beyond…

    We’re living life and getting it done at this point. Visuals of what that looks like, is > here and > here.

    And what we do during this time… Will be some variation of the above.


    That’s exactly what has happened with every single member that’s started since August 2016. With many embracing the travel-curvish shenanigans.

    They were indeed pushed into that direction. Especially > Vic @ her new S-curve member story (New pics).

    As she hadn’t even stepped out of her country, before stepping into our S-curve world.

    Note: If you’re a past member and plan on returning to these current day S-curve shenanigans.

    Understand… That the success of the plan that we create together for YOU… Will mostly be due to the 121 chats that happen, over what ever time period we set.

    As usual…
    Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for
    daily updates.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Skype: chamileon857
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

  • Becoming a student of (Not) booty

    Post From http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/becoming-a-student-of-not-booty/

    Buzzers… First…
    The new pics from > Wednesday night are up.

    Returning to the student life…

    I’ve mentioned this before. But becoming a long term member, is pretty much like becoming a university student. But on a very interactive level (And zero ‘theory’ learning).

    And the real S-curve magic… Is all about that long term guidance. That’s how you win. And it’s why

    S-curve members win. In all aspects.

    Seriously… If you’ve been failing year after year until now. It’s probably due to receiving crappy ‘long term’ guidance.

    Just look at how ‘most’ kids turn out @ solid parenting vs non-solid parenting.

    That’s why the entire process is now an ‘experience’.

    A student you are… Yes…

    But university life? No…

    As fun as those days were. We’re past that (Unless you’re still there of course). What we do here… Is all about living life to the max, within the life that you currently live.

    Long gone are those ‘fitness’ program ‘vibes’.

    The goal… Is to get your life looking like one of the > S-curve member stories. Or your own shenanigans album @ the first link above.

    That shenanigans album is a year old now.

    It’s not as ‘travel-curvish heavy’ as 2015 was. But… It is a lot ‘closer looking’ to what your life will look

    like, throughout most of your working year.

    So… An S-curve student you are to become, when you start. Now let’s have some blueprint tips.

    #1 A killer calf exercise variation (Not what you would expect)

    – Stand straight facing a wall
    – Pick up a set of 15-25kg dumbbells and hold one in each hand.
    – Start doing 3 step calf raises
    – Feet pointed straight, inwards and outwards variations
    – Stand on a step ,if there’s one present
    – Pause at the top of each rep for 2 seconds

    Why this works?

    – Increased range of motion
    – It feels more comfortable. Which makes it easier to push out more reps

    Give it a try.

    #2 This isn’t really a blueprint tip. But… One of the things that we do when putting you through the habit building shenanigans… Is to make the outcome of that… Fall into your personal life, so that you start succeeding @ all areas.


    Sticking to your regime, consistently. May help you when studying an in depth subject @ university or ‘on  the job’ training.

    Not being an active student and doing that… Is partly the reason @ why you may have failed until now.

    And it’s not easy to follow through with that, as a busy adult. So you just let the S-curve formula do it’s

    magic for you, in regards to that.
    You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.
    FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
    Skype: chamileon857
    Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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