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An affordable Recreational and Survival Community


There are many types of Preppers, but most of us find that we don’t have enough time, skills, or money to be truly prepared on our own or with immediate family. Most people are better off joining a survival community with professional staff and a good facility—providing economies of scale with large numbers of members to share the overhead costs of the facility, equipment and staff.  More people means more skills, more hands to do the work, more guards and security.

Fortitude Ranch (FR) is a large survival community that can keep members spread out (when virus protection is needed) with sufficient size to deter/defeat marauder attacks and raise crops/livestock. Fortitude Ranch does not use expensive deep bunkers with blast doors—most residences are shallow underground shelters and basement rooms that have several feet of earth to protect against fallout radiation. FR has large walled compounds with many guard posts which provide the security needed in any significant event. Fortitude Ranch locations are situated in remote forested areas next to large areas of public forest providing access to thousands of additional acres for recreation and enjoyment in good times, and resources in bad times.
Another valuable feature of Fortitude Ranch (FR) is that it is both a survival community and a recreational facility. Members sign up for times to vacation, hunt, fish, hike and recreate during good times. Indeed, for the price of a vacation you can join FR and vacation at their facilities (members can sign up to vacation at any FR location, not just their “home fort.”) Many members come out to use our firing range on weekends. We operate a Bed and Breakfast at our WV location. Fortitude Ranch is especially popular during hunting season since we are next to public forestland without nearby public access.

FR uses an affordable “country club membership” format: a low upfront fee to join and then quarterly payments. FR membership costs about $1,000 per person a year. While we have full time staff in charge of security, we rely on all members to serve as guards, cooks, keeping woodstoves stocked, and other work during a collapse—keeping costs down and members busy (and psychologically healthy) during such an event.

FR has two facilities now, located in West Virginia and Colorado, and is raising funds for expanding to a dozen locations across the U.S. FR facilities are equipped to survive any type of disaster and long-term loss of law and order, managed by full time staff.

Fortitude Ranch (FR) CEO is Dr. Drew Miller, an Air Force Academy graduate, retired USAF Reserve Colonel and intelligence officer, with a Masters Degree and PhD from Harvard University. Dr. Miller served in the Institute for Defense Analysis, the top DoD think tank, and in the Senior Executive Service in the Pentagon. A former Vice President at Securities America, Drew has published articles and spoken at national conferences on major threats we face today, including bioengineered viral pandemics and our very vulnerable electrical system.

FR is doing an advance sale of memberships to fund expansion using a “cryptocurrency” token, called a Fortitude, that gives you a discount price on Fortitude Ranch membership, protection from membership price increases, and priority in joining FR when there is a wait list. The funds raised will pay for building out the WV and CO sites and adding new sites. Fortitude token buyers will vote on what places they prefer for our next location. By owning Fortitudes you can buy into FR at a discounted price and have first place in line when there is more demand than we have room for.

During a major crisis or media reports on developing threats, demand for membership in FR will surge beyond our capacity, and the price of Fortitudes will likely spike since those who want to get in will need Fortitudes to have priority to join. Because FR is offering a utility token with no equity features, it does not have the security regulatory risks associated with many other “Initial Coin Offerings.” Advisors on this fund raise include Larry Hall, the CEO of Survival Condo, the most successful survival services company.

While the discounted price is a major advantage of buying Fortitude membership tokens, the more important benefit is to be sure you can have priority to join when a crisis is brewing and we cannot handle demand. You can vote on recommendations for future FR locations. If you later decide you have other reliable means of protection you can sell your tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange. You can buy Fortitude tokens with dollars on line—you don’t have to be a cryptocurrency expert.

Watch the following video on Fortitude Ranch and our “Initial MemberCoin Offering”

You can also learn more about FR at www.fortituderanch.com. You can download the White Paper on the Fortitude token offering at https://www.fortituderanch.com/initial-membercoin-offering/

You are also welcome to email Dr/Col Miller, CEO of Fortitude Ranch, at manager@fortituderanch.com We hope you will consider joining our facility to enjoy the good times, and survive the bad.

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