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Learn how to build, grow, and monetize Facebook Pages!

30 Challenges In 30 Days – DAY 30!!!

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Day 30

Day 30

Challenge: Evaluate your situation and progress. Ask yourself – “How do I feel and where are my energy levels now compared to when I started making these changes?” or “Has my gym performance and/or how my clothes fit changed since I have been eating better?” If you like your answers to these questions remember them, write them down and pull them out as a reminder as to why you’re doing this. YOU’RE WORTH IT!!

Amy’s Two-Second Takeaway:  It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! If you’re going to enjoy a drink (or two), choose wisely! A glass of wine, a beer or gluten free beer or hard liquor on the rocks or mixed with club soda are going to be much better choices than sweet drinks, wine coolers and cocktails. Also, if you decide to drink – make sure you eat clean and employ a two-drink maximum rule.

YOU MADE IT!! It’s been 30 days of challenges and you did it! So, now what? Hopefully, through all of this you’ve developed some new habits and learned a few things (if nothing else, maybe you got a good laugh every few days…). Don’t stop now – keep challenging yourself, it doesn’t have to be hard or perfect every single day – just don’t give up! If you enjoyed the last 30 days (or if you didn’t), send or leave us a comment on the blog telling everyone about your 30 Challenges in 30 Days experience. Who knows… Maybe we’ll do this again!

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